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Icon Grimgor Ironhide and a Shaman

While I get to work on converting and creating my own SM Blood Angels army, I thought I might as well show you guys some of my earlier paint jobs. Please bear in mind that all these were painted 7+ years ago


and a blitz one

The Shaman (this will forever be my favortie Orc mini created)

again, bear in mind that these are VERY old paint jobs of mine, and there were A LOT of things I did not know back then (I thought highlighting consisted of thinning down skull white with water and then glazing that over the actual color hehe, you can that I have tried this on the Shaman). Since i haven't painted anything since then either, I'm quite excited to test out my skills again while knowing the things I do know, that I did not know at that time.

C&C's are of course very welcome, as constructive critisicm on these might help my future work!

thanks in advance and enjoy!
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