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Originally Posted by Go Death Company! View Post
I like the paint scheme and I'm amazed that GW gave something away for free, it baffles me! Good Job so far!
Thanks. Yeah shocked me as well, but free stuff is always good

Originally Posted by Commander Jack View Post
seriously, i would give your fire warrior squad a wash of badab black. It would fill in all the detail and leave a black colour in the recesses, creating shading
I've done a wash on the undersuits, which has worked quite well, but doesn't seem to show up that well in the pics. Not keen on doing washes on the white, as I want to keep it looking 'clean'. At the moment the recesses are grey. Again, seems to have been lost slightly in the pics. Thanks for the imput though.

Anyway, updates. I've finished the devilfish (no drones yet). I'm really pleased with the way the stippling worked.

(I know this ones upside down, but it was the easiest way of showing the rear stippling).

Finally a pic with the basecoated drones. Hoped to have them done by now, but playing a jazz festival in dumfries ate up about five days this last week!

Gotta say, not that impressed with GW's stippling brush. I gave up, and used an old brush that I trimmed down. Shame, as I though it was a nicely made brush. But doesn't give the effect I need. Ah well!

I did consider more red, but I think it would be a bit much.
I've not put transfers on the side doors. I'd love to say it was a purely asthetic decision, but I managed to destroy a transfer, and didn't want to buy a whole new sheet. I do quite like the look without them though. Incidentaly, if anyone has tips on applying transfers to curved bits (i.e. devilfish doors), it would be handy, as the one on the back isn't perfect.

Next week will be the start of month 2, so hopefully some new goodies in the post!

C&C welcome.

Untill next time


Edit: Just realised I nhaven't done the targeting lens by the burst cannon, or the lights(?) at the back.

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