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Update time.

I've been working in the devilfish over the last week or so.

Firstly, I used the humbrol model filler to remove the unsightly panel gaps from putting the kit together. I'm really pleased with how this worked out.

After a bit of time with sand paper:

I also managed to fix the holes in the bottom of he engine pods that I mentioned last time. Not perfect, but I happy with the result.

Finally some pics of the WIP on the devilfish. I've only managed a messy basecoat on the drones, so I'll try to put them up next week.

Still need to do highlights on the black areas, tidy up some black and white, as well as some shading. I've put in a couple of red panels to help it tie in better with the fire warrior squad. My first attempt at doing lenses properly, and I'm fairly happy with it. Doesn't show so well in the pics though, a bit too subtle.

I'm thinking of doing some stippling with grey in a similar way to the camo that appeared on tau vehicles when they were first released, to break up the white a bit as I feel it will help the model 'pop'.

C and C welcome. Opinions on the stippling also welcomed.

The kroot and stealth suits are still for sale. £7.50 each plus postage (UK only). Send me a PM if your interested. I'm unavailable untill monday though, so I wont be able to respond untill then.

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