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Update time! I'm trying to do it weekly, but if other work piles up, it may have to become monthly. Unfortunately the photos aren't as good this time round, as the good cameras on holiday!

Anyway, first things first, my completed ten man fire warrior team.

I'm really pleased with the overall look of this unit. I was a bit worried that the red and white would make them look like a load of santas! Watering the paint down has made quite a difference, without adding too much time. I can get the finish I want in four-five coats.

I put together the devilfish as a break from painting the firewarrior team. I do like this kit. However, just after glueing the engines together, I noticed a large hole, that wasn't supposed to be there!

I called GW head office, and they said I needed to send it to them to get a replacement, or go to my local store. So I went to my local store to speed things up. They told me they didn't have any devilfish in stock, so would I like a skyray instead! Win. They also let me keep the damaged fish, which I think I can repair with a bit of plasticard.

Here's the assembled fish.

I've decided to use the antenna thing to represent a multitracker, with a shield from the battlesuit set to represent the disruption pods (I will get some from bits and kits for the suits at some stage, but my current list doesn't need them). I'm not happy with the large panel gaps, and will be trying to sort them with humbrol filler, which I have heard good things about.

If anyones interested in the stealth suits and/or kroot give me a PM. Probrably around 10 quid or a bit less, plus postage.

Untill next time


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