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oh c'mon..... just be serious and reasonable and you have the answer there

the doors are just what they are... flat pieces of iron and no thread to anyone... I know a guy that has builöt his drop pods with moving doors... he places the pod... opens the doors and places all stuff that comes outsied as explained in the RB 2" from the hull of the pod as if the doors would have been closed or just not there.
its thes same with my Ork Pikkup and two ramps built on 8I don't use them but could):
their moveable by the model... so I just drop them and gain 3" additionaly to disambark ... now lets calculate that:
13" drivin (thanks to red paint)
3" from the ramp
2" disembarking
d6 running in shooting face (I may shoot and assault with my pikkup)
6" charge
too good!
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