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Default A gamers tale

With the white dwarf articles, and the multiple threads on this and other forums doing tale of four gamers threads, I thought I'd start one for my current project - my tau army.

First the rules:
-A budget 25 per month, 50 in month one.
-Any unspent budget rolls over into the next month.
-Any money made by selling unwanted parts of sets can get added to the budget.
-I will be using what I pay to work out budget, not GW prices.
-Army must be fully legal WYSIWYG.

My target is a 1500 point army for the student nationals in easter.

I posted a list in the list seciton a while back, which can be found here:


I was inspired by the pics on page 114 of the BRB. Red undersuits with white armor plates. The army will be fully WYSIWYG, and I intend to make the battlesuits fully magnetised, and make plastic pathfinders (not keen on the price of the metals, and they chip too easily). I do not intend to include any auxiliaries or an ethereal. Mainly because they don't fit the image I have in my head. Fluff wise, the ethereals watch my commander from a distance, and my castes traditions mean they forgo the use of auxiliaries. Still not sure of a name for my force yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

My month one buy was a battleforce, for 39 from wargamesempire. Below is my test model.

The white is not perfect, I didn't water the paint down enough, so its a bit thick in places. And I've just realised I've got to highlight the black, and tidy up a few bits and do some squad markings. However, I'm very happy with the overall look. The bases are meant to represent a tau city street, with thanks to Euphrati for the idea.

The next job is to finish up the first fire warrior squad, and devilfish.
Here are four prepped fire warriors needing the undercoat:

That leaves me with 11 to add to september. As I don't have kroot or stealth suits in my list, I will be selling these to add to next months budget.
Next update due in Spetember, but hopefully I'll be able to show some stuff before that inclluding a completed fire warrior team (hopefully!).

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