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Originally Posted by zas240 View Post
This is my first Dark Eldar list please give helpful comments and advice, I haven't decided on the kabal yet so i would like ideas, thanks.

Archon 147pts
splinter pistol
reaver jetbike
plasma grenades
shadow field
haywire grenades
Not really a fan of Pain reaver lords. Re work him a little. Give him: Combat drugs, Punisher, Tormentor helm, Reaver jetbike, plasma grenades, animus Vitae and a Shadow field. New cost: 172. Potential 5 str 7 power weapon hits with re-rolls to hit...at a Ws of 7.

Reaver jetbikes 9x members with succubus 281pts
blaster 2x
Again, Its a matter of preference but i'd give the Succubus a Punisher and tormentor helm. Alongside a Combat drug dispenser, so you can choose your drug option instead of rolling.

I'd alo split this unit in 2, as 9 man squads are hard to hide behind cover. a 4 man led by the Archon (with my suggested Succubus setup) and a 5 man (with the sggested succubus). the points dropped later on will more than cover the costs.

warrior squad 10x members100pts
shredder 2x
Shredders are filth. Swap them for 2 dark lances.

warrior squad 10x members 90pts
blaster 2x
Drop a Blaster and give them a Raider.

warrior squad 10x members 100pts
splinter cannon 2x
Make this squad 15 man, as you should be advancing with it...so expect casualties.

warrior squad 10x members 100pts
dark lance 2x
This is fine.

Talos 100pts
You've no webway portal strike tactic..so drop him. This slot should be taken by a Ravager.

Scourges 5x 180pts
dark lances 4x
180 points for a essentially 5 guardsmen with heavy weapons? drop them. Take a Ravager instead. Saving you 75 points.

Scourges 5x 180pts
dark lances 4
See above.

you should never field any heavy support choice except ravagers. Probably the most (as it stands) competitive unit ingame.

Mandrakes 7x
Decapitator 187pts
ah...all these need to go...they are useless at just about everything except killing GEQ and dying in return, and holding up space marines for a turn. Decapitator is crap...i mean it. If you want t otake a character, the only one worth taking is Drazhar. but as you have no incubi, its not possible.

Some serious re-working. DE dont do 'cover all doors' style fighting. Pick a path, be it: Dark Lance spam, reaver spam etc, and stick to it.

Don't bother with your weaknesses...as you're the fastest army out there, so attack his and keep him on the back foot.

Players always struggle to keep calm when all he can do is respond.

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