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Originally Posted by turel2 View Post
Chaos can be a good team once it has developed, but to start off with no players with block is a nightmare. You can develop each player into specialists fairly easyand can also have mutations on advance rolls, which can help develop players further.

The chaos warriors start at ST 4 and the beastmen are ST 3 (4 if they blitz with horns), making it a nice bashy team (once you get block for everyone).

Tactics are usually cage and fight until no one can fight back

Though with faster dodgy teams, you may have trouble trying to keep up.

yeah, but there's only one blitz action per round, so horns isn't really that good. paired with frenzy and block it's an entirely different story though.
yeah, mutations help a big deal for chaos. otherwise they're a pretty tough team to play and i've never seen them make it to leading ranks.

@neilbatte: amazons get brutalized vs. dwarves. no exception. all their dodge skills is worth nothing against those friggin buggers. and they bruise quite easily. i've seen an amazon team losing with so much casualities vs. dwarves that they never managed to recover.

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