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Default Someguy's Black Legion

I'm working on a chaos army and in the pretty early stages of modelling it up. I have finished the 3d work on a figure which is going to be one of my sorcerors of slaanesh. I'm not sure if I'll have two sorcerors or a daemon prince and one in the end, but this guy is a safe bet.

Anyway here he is. It's the first time I've tried taking photos like this so bear with me. I think it gets the point across.

Pity his face is out of focus here. I need to see if I can get a better focal length.

He has tentacle "hair" and twizzly horns like daemonettes as well as fur on his shoulders. These sort of merge together while all green, but hopefully all should be clear when painted.

This shows some detail of the base. They have already messed up the carpet. Who's going to pay for that, eh? One result of taking these pics is that I can actually see the figure bigger on screen than with the naked eye. I've been able to go back and tidy up a few bits where there were flakes of green stuff since taking the pictures.

Detail of the Daemonette. I'm not sure if she will count as a familiar or just some detail on the base. It only occured to me that she might count as one after I had modelled her. I guess I have the option now.

I'm quite pleased with the pose. He looks properly arrogant and commanding.

He is based on one of the "masters of the chapter" figures, the guy with bolter and power sword. Actaully the original figure was probably my least favorite of the four guys in the box so I'm pretty happy with how he's turned out. I'll be using the others for unit champions and the second sorceror if I have one.

I will probably start painting him over the weekend and hope to have something to show then. I'm planning to have a very dark colour scheme and cut down on what I think of as scoobeedoo evil with bat wings and skulls everywhere.

For the bases I'm going with the idea that they have broken into some kind of high security imperial facility - the sort of place where most people would prefer black legion not to be. Different units are going to be in different areas so that will seperate them out well hopefully. This guy is in some kind of chapel area, which is probably a bad sign.

Depending on the level of interference from "real life" and my own concentration levels, there will be more to come I hope.

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