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Originally Posted by The Son of Horus View Post
Orcs are solid, but I think Lizardmen are better. Lizardmen can dish out the punishment pretty comparably, but they can play the running game a lot better if they need to, and I've always been a big proponent of adaptability as a really desirable quality. The skinks are FAST, and in conjunction with the Kroxigor and the Saurus Warriors, it seems like it's got the best of both worlds. Silibili, the star player Saurus, is pretty solid, too, although he's not as good as Varag Ghoul-Chewer.

right. nothing beats strenght 4, block, mighty blow and jump up
i don't like lizardmen that much. no sure hands, catch and pass. for a running playstyle its pretty lame and orks with two gobbos will outdo you every time. so you got lotsa strenght 4 brawlers. but c'mon.. no block on any player? strenght 3 with block beats strenght 4 without block 67% of the times. two black orks and 4 blitzers will kill your line of scrimmage without effort.

had my first tournament match vs an experienced lizard player back in 2002. i only started playing myself 2(!) days before the tournament. so with no tactic and overall idea i did beat him 2:1. they fare better when they get some skills like guard, block and sure hands. but the first few games lizards will have probs winning even vs gobbos or halflings

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