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Well, how I handle kids laughing at the 'nerd' (who, not being stereotypical, are all idiots) I just insult them with big words till they get a headache. I am not kidding kids at my school are that dumb. Also I embrace the nerdiness. I talk about 40k with my best friend, I openly show what I'm reading (often while the teacher is talking ) and take the abuse in stride. I just bear through it and wait till, like now, I don't get ridiculed for who I am. Besides, I'm also one of the smartest kids in school, so except maybe in gym I beat all the 'cool' kids in class. Heck, I even scored 70th percentile on the SAT in seventh grade, all those jocks had to show for their hobbies were pencil-thin bodies and low IQ's.

Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough: “The current system of servitude is barbaric and inadequate for today's generation. We appeal to the leaders of both the Imperium and the Coalition of Hateful Assholes and Organised Sin to seek to change this for the betterment of all its citizens”

Lorgar: “Guess there was one plot thread we forgot to erase ...” Mortarion nods in agreement, while Ahriman looks on suspiciously.

Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough: “We feel trapped, we feel oppressed. And we urge our governments to release us from these metal boxes-”

Lorgar: “Oh shi-”

Firraveus Carron: Leaping to his feet. “METAL BOXES?!?METAL BOXES!!!THEY RIDE IN METAL BOXES!!!”

-Labor Unions

All credit goes to Lastie on Warseer, for writing Primarchs (available in a 647 page Microsoft Word document)
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