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So long as you don't plan on winning ever, it's fine . But it will look good. Not much room to move there. If you actually plan on playing that list on not just displaying it, but still keeping all the aspects, the most advice I can give you is, remove everything from the swooping hawks, they're going to die anyway, and are useless. Remove everything from the warp spiders, change the tempest launcher to an EML on the Reaper Exarch, change the mirrorswords to an executioner with the Banshee Exarch, remove everything from the fire dragons OR keep the Exarch and give him a Dragon's Breath flamer instead. Don't need Tank Hunter on the Fire Dragons. Fill out the DA's and Pathfinders (snipers only should go to about 7). Followed by filling out your scorpion squad, or banshees if you swing that way, but I think the scorpions will serve you better here, as you need someone who won't fall down in a gentle breeze :D .

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