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The problem with people taking the piss about you playing with toy soldiers is the fact that you play with toy soldiers. It's the same with people who play D&D or Vampire, they are still playing Cops and Robbers, they just have more rules.
It's the same as when I first joined Heresy there was a thread about why do people think gamers are nerds, because they are!
I very nearly missed the whole RPG plastic spacemen bandwagon and was very nearly on the other side, laughing at the nerdy kids funny games. My mates got me interested in the hobby and I've never looked back.
We had a club at school but were lucky enough to have it held after school and by a teacher who was also an avid gamer.
People don't like things that are either different or hard to understand but that's part of the allure of things like 40K, it makes people feel special that they have something that the majority of people don't understand.
A good idea might be to also try and get your teacher invoved in a few games, just so she also understands whats going on, or maybe she will then look for a teacher who is more likely to show an interest. Help out the kids that don't understand the club, give them a hand and they will stop turning up with bags of Army Men or making strange shooty noises in the corner.
As for the kids that take the piss, either ignore them or do something about it, I wouldn't suggest making smart comments, it just makes you look even more nerdy and will probably result in taking a kicking!
Have a chat with your form tutor, head of year or even the head teacher, see if you can have the club after school, when you have the place to yourselves. As long as all the kids parents agree then I can't see it being a problem. We ran ours after school and the only problems we ever got was from the God bothering wood work teacher who thought we were summoning demons and sacrificing first years.

Another thing to think about would be an open door policy, if people are interested then they can come along, play a game and see what they think. It worked for us, by the time I left school the gaming club was the biggest school club, even bigger than the football and rugby teams. Being elitist about things just rubs people up the wrong way and leads to bad feeling.
Give them the chance to understand the game or the craft involved in the hobby and they might cut you some slack.
Some people will always be arseholes but theres probably more interest at your school than you think. Another thing to consider is there is strength in numbers, once you get a couple of the "trendy" kids involved you will get an easier time and have a bigger club.

Also, Ewoks eat people.
Never forget that.
Ewoks. Eat. People.

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