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Stooping to enter the land raider the two warriors saw Amethis sitting hunched over a computer screen gripping its panelling so tightly that cracks were starting to appear. The inside of the vehicle had obviously suffered from a violent outburst from their primarch. The walls had been indented with fist sized holes, and equipment lay damaged around the floor. As they moved further, Amethis swirled round, his face showing anger for a moment before quickly calming as he recognised them. Now he looked crestfallen, and as he motioned for them to sit, Demetrius glanced at the foresight father, who looked just as worried as he was.
“ Though I hate to say it, the eldar were correct in their words, our world will be destroyed by space marines”, Amethis sighed “It will happen within 10 years.”
Demetrius and the foresight father looked aghast at this knowledge, that a fellow legion could destroy their world was unthinkable.
“Wh.......who will it be that causes us such a terrible blow sir?” asked Demetrius.
Amethis turned to regard him and leaned in towards the two, his eyes locking with Demetrius.
“ Though I do not wish to believe any of our brothers could do this, the ships I saw belonged to the Luna Wolves. Horus, who I have long mistrusted, will turn against us. I have already called the transports to collect us, we will be making the journey back home to fortify it against attack. As soon as we return there I will travel personally to Terra to deliver the news. If I knew where his forces where I would send a message to the emperor but my insistence that we be left alone leaves me blind to his position”
“But sir, what about our campaign?” Demetrius questioned “the imperial army are here to support us now, we cannot just leave them.”
Amethis slammed his fist down, the metal below it crumpling under his strength, “ Don’t you think I know that, but this event could happen at any time and If it happened while I continued this campaign I could never live with myself. We cannot tell them of these events either, the shock of a legion revolting should be kept between space marines. We shall tell them of our departure as soon as we are ready to leave.”
Demetrius and the foresight father nodded and hurried out of the land raider, quickly relaying the news, though not yet divulging the full reason behind their removal.

---------------- 2 hours later on board the bridge of the Bellum Addo - the flagship of the II Legion.

The bridge lay in a hushed silence as Amethis paced back and forth along the gantries. Suddenly a light flashed and a face appeared on a pict screen. A crew member moved out of Amethis’ way so that he could speak to the Lord Commander directly.
A commanding voice came onto the vox, one that was obviously used to having his orders followed. “ What is the meaning of this....this absurd action my lord,” he demanded, “ My men have deployed and are destroying the remaining eldar, when I hear that you have left us here with no ships and that the mechanicus escort is leaving too.”
“We have more important business to attend to at present, commander, Amethis responded, “I believe that you can take care of the eldar, and begin the development of the world into an Imperial one. Once I have finished I will return to collect your forces.”
“That is unacceptable!” cried the commander “Horus shall hear of this trea....”
“Horus?!” interrupted Amethis, “I would be careful of your next words commander, for it is the Emperor and not Horus who I follow.” The anger in his voice was noticeable, and the bridge could see the Lord Commander tremble as he made to reply.
“Of course my lord, I only meant that as Warmaster, he should be notified.”
Amethis nodded, “Of course commander, you have every right to tell the ‘Warmaster’, we shall not keep you.” Shutting off the vox he called to the foresight fathers, “We need to look forward further than I can alone, meet me in the seeing room in 5 minutes. We enter the warp in 15.”
Nodding their acknowledgement they left the room followed by a groups of servitors. Waving for Demetrius to follow him, Amethis walked after them.
They walked into a darkened room with 10 chairs arranged in a circle, trailing wires and cables linking to a larger chair in the centre. The foresight fathers were already linking helmets bristling with wires to their heads as Amethis made to sit down. Demetrius looked warily at the assembled contraptions and Amethis noticed this as he placed his own helmet on.
“I know this appears much like a ritual of the witchcraft we aim to destroy my brother, but the Emperor allowed me to have this built for dire circumstances where foresight into the darkness of the far future is needed.” Amethis stated.
Demetrius nodded, content that his wariness had been foolish.
A servitor flicked a switch at a control desk and energy travelled along cables to each chair in turn. The occupants sat immobile, eyes wide open, a silvery sheen covering them as their power took hold. Pain creased their faces and blood began to trickle from their nose and ears, the strain obviously hard to manage even for a space marine. Only Amethis remained unaffected, sitting regally on his chair, a glow surrounding his body like a second skin over his armour. Demetrius brought his weapon up at this sight but one of Amethis’ custodians held him back with his hand, shaking his head. The glow slowly began to dissipate and the 10 fathers slumped down in their chairs, entering into a sleep to rest from their strain. Amethis fell forward onto the floor in front of him and Demetrius moved past the custodian to help his primarch back up.
“Sir what did you see?” he asked, a look of worry upon his face.
Amethis spoke slowly, sadness permeating his every word, “We went too far my brother, almost 10,000 years past this day. Horus and his legion are not alone in his treachery, fully half of the legions will turn. The Word Bearers, Thousand Sons, Emperors Children, Death Guard, Alpha Legion, Night Lords, Iron Warriors and Immortal Victors shall turn.
Demetrius and the custodians started, 10 legions betraying His word was even more unthinkable than just one. These were legions that had taken oaths for the Emperor and fought countless battles in his name.
“What of the Emperor’s crusade my lord? Surely his idea of a human empire filled with peace will exist, we will defeat these traitors?
Amethis slumped to the floor as the countdown till entry into the warp began.
“I believe we do stop their overall plan, but at a terrible price, and the Imperium is thrown into turmoil, there will be no peace, no respite, no forgiveness. In the grim, darkness of that far future I see only war.”
As he stated these last words the fleet was swallowed up by the embrace of the warp and the legions ships vanished from the system.

+++++ Encrypted message 378 +++++
Subject - II Legion
Transmitted by - High Lord of Terra (Full Access Granted)
Recipient - Adeptus Administratum
It has been 50 years since the terrible events of the Heresy, and more than that since the Amethyst Brothers disappeared into the warp and did not return.On the authority of the Emperor we have decreed that they be struck from our public records entirely. Their last recorded campaign left an Imperial Army group (Who subsequently joined the heretics) stranded, and while we do not wish to besmirch their name with excommunication, until we know their allegiance they will remain unknown to the rest of the Imperium. Even their fellow legions shall have all data slates wiped and be sworn to secrecy so it shall not be passed down to other generations. If they reappear we shall question them and deal with their status accordingly.

Public Status
Records Damaged beyond repair

Status to be accessed solely by the High Lords.
II Legion - The Amethyst Brothers
Homeworld - Contego
System - Barthel
Segmentum Obscurus
Location at present - unknown/trapped in the warp.

Message ends...

++++Thought for the day++++
It is better to die at the hands of heretics than die as one.

Well, that’s it, thought I’d leave it on a bit of a cliff-hanger at the end as those who have read the background know what occurs later. Anyone who would like to know more the link in my signature will take you to their background.

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