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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
Thank you for the honest feedback guys, Restocking is our biggest bug bear and i will be the first to admit it takes too long.But it is the nature of the beast im afraid, to provide a bits service we have to buy complete kits from games workshop and divide them up, some parts sell faster than others and we need to sell the vast majority of a kit before we can buy more to restock any given kit again at which point the cycle starts again.
Some bits shift very quickly (space marines for example) so it may appear that they are always out of stock but infact they have been restocked twice a month,we are trying to address this by buying in more stock so it lasts longer.On the flip side some bits are very slow sellers and may take several months for enough of a kit to sell to restock it and some times its really not worth stocking a kit because demand is so low or its hard to get hold of (witch hunters for example).

But we are trying hard to restock the site twice a month as well as add new kits as they are released and we have taken on a part time member of staff to help us out with the site.
Have you considered putting together a "bits bag" of the harder to sell bits? lower the price throw together say some armour plates from various kits and label it as "misc - armour" just a thought as some people might be after an initial build up of bits for a bits box - or just some plastic for kit bashing.
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