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Penultimate chapter here, any C&C welcome.

Crackling energy appeared around the farseer and a concussive wave of force blew out at the advancing foresight fathers. They weathered the psychic storm, though the strain on their minds was obvious from the pained expressions on their faces. Drawing their force weapons, they formed a circle around the farseer and prepared to direct their own powers against her. Lightning arced from their fingers as they muttered incantations under their breath, the farseers armour glowing red hot from the power being pulsed through it. One of the fathers stepped forward and pointed the head of his hammer towards the farseer, a challenge which the xenos witch accepted. A long sleek spear that had been intwined within a wraithbone structure flew across to the farseers’ outstretched hand.
“ Your pathetic attempts to defeat our ancient civilisation show your race’s true colours mon- keigh,” she sneered.
Grunting, the foresight father made as if to swing his hammer, causing the farseer to move to parry a blow that would never come. Instead a billowing construct formed of flame slammed forward, the psychic energy smashing into the eldar, knocking her to the floor. Heaving herself up she received a crushing blow to the head, as the father swung his hammer upwards. Flying back, her spear rolled away and her helmet fell in tatters to the floor, its power having protected the farseer from the worst of the force weapons damage. Blood streaked down her face from multiple gashes across her forehead. The dark red liquid trickling down contrasted against the eldar’s pale skin. Wiping away the blood, the farseer struggled to stand, exhaustion taking it’s toll on her system.
The remaining foresight fathers had long since joined Amethis and Demetrius fighting outside the circle, leaving a wide empty space in the middle of the battlefield that seemed like the eye of a storm. The two warriors faced each other, the librarian dropping his hammer as psychic power surged through his arms, encasing his fists in glowing orbs of power. Charging at the unarmed farseer he leapt into the air, crashing down in front of her and dealing punishing blows upon her body. The eldar blew psychic energies back into his body, frantically trying to defend herself against the vicious attack she was suffering. As the orbs slowly dimmed in intensity, the librarian jumped back and drew forth a curved dagger that looked more ceremonial than practical. Advancing with swift sweeping curves he lunged forward and thrust the dagger into the farseers chest, who was so tired she did not have the effort to stop him. Suddenly gripping onto his arm with a new found strength she dragged him closer, looking deep into his eyes, and whispered.
“Your world will burn by the hands of those you call brother”
The foresight father looked at her in shock, but even as he went to ask further questions he saw that they had been her last words as her eyes closed and she sagged to the floor.
Wiping his dagger clean he went to retrieve his hammer and find Amethis to relay this information. Looking out into the distance he could see Amethis’ spear rising and falling among the mass of eldar and hurried forwards into the throng to reach him.
The battlefield was almost completely filled with infantry, any supporting armour having been destroyed or hanging back to deliver firepower into the enemy. The only vehicles still fighting were the mighty wraithlords and the ancient dreadnoughts, their allies giving the fighting behemoths a wide berth as they passed. One dreadnought, outnumbered by a trio of wraithlords, was spinning round in vain to inflict as much damage to them as possible, his armour slowly buckling as he released a final cry. Assault squads were delivering swift justice to the enemy, jumping into combats that were not going well and turning the tables on the eldar, before moving quickly on. Demetrius moved along a passage through the eldar left by Amethis’ guard, joining up with his command squad, who’s armour and weapons were covered in blood and dirt, the legion banner showing signs of shruiken fire ripping its material, but it still stood tall, inspiring his men to fight. He swung out at a guardian running up to attack a marine from behind, the eldar’s head rolling off its shoulders and hitting the marine, turning round he saw Demetrius with his swords drawn and nodded his thanks, before dispatching another attacker with an upward thrust of his chainsword. The battle seemed to be going in their favour, and demetrius was damned if he was going to let the xenos turn it against them again. Much of the eldar force had begun to retreat already, moving back to their vehicles to counter-attack, leaving small groups isolated, ready to kill.
Amethis was cutting swathes through the enemy, his spear sweeping elegantly round to slice through his enemies. A great circle of eldar bodies had formed around him, but still more came, hoping to outsmart him. Though his enemies were skilful, his foresight allowed him to see the enemies moves before they even moved, readying himself or killing them before they had a chance to touch him. As a group of Eldar came towards him, hoping to encircle him he grabbed his spear and spun round quickly, slicing their bodies in half before coming back to a resting position. Seeing the foresight father advancing towards him he noticed a pained expression across his face, and when he had been informed of the situation he realised why. Activating his vox he called all forces to regroup for the final blow, the disjointed groups across the field hurrying to locate their squads.
The marines looked across the battlefield as the remaining eldar loped back to their lines, carrying injured leaders to safety, under a constant barrage from the marines artillery. Amethis was in a heated discussion with one of the foresight fathers and Demetrius moved over to join them
....never trust them, I don’t know why I believe her so much Primarch, but that is what she said.”
Amethis looked up as Demetrius came nearer and called to him “ Demetrius come here, we require your input on a discovery”
The foresight father turned to Demetrius, and with a nod from Amethis recalled the event that had taken place between the farseer and himself and asked him his thoughts. After considerable thought Demetrius answered, “ perhaps it is a ruse my lord, the eldar are well known for their tricks, though It is interesting the xenos called them brothers, she was either talking of our own men or another legion turning against us, which is impossible.”
Amethis nodded, “ Entirely my thoughts, but I will meditate on it now, that is the real reason I called us back. I have already called for our transports to pick us up if the eldar’s words are proven true, this would be too important to leave till after this battle. “ So saying he moved to the nearest land raider and closed the door behind him.
A bike sergeant pulled up next to Demetrius, startling him out of his dark thoughts. “ Sir this message came from your command vehicle” he stated, “they said it was good news”
“Thank you sergeant Juno,“ Demetrius replied, looking at the data-slate he grinned, “ good news indeed, the imperial army are making planetfall with more titans to help mop up the xenos, they say they are looking forward to fighting alongside us. Better late than never hey Juno”
As the sergeant drove off, the foresight father grasped his shoulder, “ Amethis has asked for us to speak in private again” he whispered “ this does not bode well"

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