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Originally Posted by Terabyt3 View Post
First attempt at this guys.

Autarch: Jetbike, Laser Lance, Fusion Gun
Drop his Fusion gun, give him Mandiblasters.
Jetbikes x9 (3 with cannons)
Good unit, but, the Autarch wants to be in CC, which this unit is actual crap at.

Dire Avengers x9 + Exarch w/ Bladestorm & 2 AC's
Wave Serpent: TL Scatter Laser & SCannon & SS
The only guns that should ever be on Serpents are EML, or, if you have the points, Dual Lances.

Dire Avengers x9 + Exarch w/ Bladestorm & 2 AC's
Wave Serpent: TL Scatter Laser & SCannon & SS
See above.

War Walkers x2: SctLasers on each
Drop these. units of 3 only. Not that cost effective.

Pathfinders x6
Could do with being 8-10 strong.

Wraithlords x2: w/ Bright Lance and Missile Launcher each. Flamers...
This is good.

I realise i have no seer for wraithsight but its a 1/32 chance of both failing and they are there to act as bullet sinks. Also only 6 pathfinders but i want the enemy to have bigger things to worry abut than them....

Ok, well, Your Autarch doesnt fit the list to well. Consider dropping the War walkers and the 'Blade storms' of the DA exarchs and using the points to Grab yourself a unit of 5 Shining spears.

Put the Autarch with them, and the results are amazing. Remeber to kit the Shining spear Exarch out however, he needs that Star lance.

Pathfinders need to be in stronger numbers, sorry, but 6 wont do.

As tourney lists go, its not competitive as it stands, but with my changes, it'll do fine.

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