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Hey, I'd like to say I believe I have a disability, well, maybe disability isn't the right word...irritation, would be better.

The problem I have is my anger, and it's weird, it doesn't surface when I'm around other people, because I tend to be sort of reserved around others I don't know or am uncomfortable with, but it's more with things like, for example, spelling mistakes on forums or if something happens in a game that I don't like, and then continues happening. Now, I have learned to control myself with the internet spelling part, since I have time to calm down before I do anything, but when I'm playing a game I often just shout a little to vent. I think the main thing for me is that I'm a perfectionist. I have to be able to do everything, and I strive to accomplish just that. I've never been tested on it but it's very clear to me. I also have a higher IQ than most, which tends to make people in my school jealous of me, and although they'd never say anything to me because of how I live (gym and martial arts and all), it's obvious that they bitch about me behind my back.

Also, I'm able to perceive things a lot quicker than others as I'm always aware of my surroundings, and people call me nosy, which really annoys me since I have no control over it. For example, I'd be out with a friend in a public place, and I'd hear another person near me say something funny or what not, and I'd bring it up with my friend, and they'd be like 'What are you talking about?' Obviously because they didn't know the other person had said it. And I'd look like an idiot trying to explain.

There's a plus and negative side to everything, I guess

'I am everything to no one, and nothing to everyone'
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^Just a few quotes I thought up myself, if they've been said before...oops
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