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As one of the members here who has dyslexia I have tried my hardest to check spelling but I also find useing spell check a pain!
For people that think this is me playing the pity card GTF I don’t mean to be harsh about it I just hate people thinking all the time.
when I was in my teens I use to be a indvdale car worker for kids with disabilities that’s how I meet one of my best friend who suffers from a lot of disabilitys I must admit what gala said I was one of the people that started a fuss on this forum about it due to one of the people on here that was nasty about my spelling and just jumping in and just starting on me witch I am sorry for but I do feel the pain with guys/girls that have dyslexia.
As with my grammar schools in Scotland are shite for teaching grammar.

this has been spell checked lol

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