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Originally Posted by englhockey View Post
I woke up to late to go i had my army all ready and everything congrats though, where did you play?
Check the title of the thread. Rusty Scabbard was the store, Lexington the city, and Kentucky the state.

Originally Posted by Okad View Post
I wonder... do you think your opponents would have had better results had they targetted your normal boyz mobs, lootas, kans... rather than trying to overwhelm the indestructible nobz and/or grotsnik?
Not really. If left to their own devices, the nobs will rapidly wreck through their army. The main reason that those 2 untis get more attention is that they tend to be in my opponent's face, too, and so in range of short ranged and rapid fire weaponry, as well as assault range. However, even if my enemy went after the boyz mobs, taking down 80 boyz who have 4+ cover saves most of the time is not an easy feat, especially since I tend to keep them spaced well. The reason I lost so many boyz in that one round (about a dozen from 4 pie plates) was that none of the shots scattered and my boyz were a bit bunched up there to try to fend off his veterans if they managed to get to the objective. Still, if he had managed to maintain that rate of killing, and had managed to get the demolishers into range as well, then on average he'd only have killed 54 boyz in 3 turns from that. The rest of his firepower may have been able to finish the job, but the nob bikers would have torn through the better part of his army by turn 3, leaving even fewer guns to try to do the job than they had after focusing on the nobs.
Take care of the nobs or let me have the objectives is a great choice my list forces on my opponent that has no real good answer.
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