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Default 'Ard Boyz After-Action Report: Orks 2500, Rusty Scabbard, Lexington, KY

My list is here
The actual list I used is the second one down, not the first posted.

Alrighty, here's the after-action report:
We played at my FLGS, with about 15 people almost all of whom are veterans and about half of which are pretty good. Every game I played ended on the bottom of turn 3, due to time.

Round 1 vs. Chaos:
This guy wasn't very good, and ended up in the lower quarter. He used a land raider, Typhus and a big terminator squad (walking), a couple 15-man CSM squads (no icons), 10 plague marines, a vindicator, a predator, and a unit of possessed in a rhino. My killa kans blew up his predator, the nob bikers got his land raider and one 15-man squad, and took an objective on the left flank. The berserkers charged out of the land raider along with the possessed (who got fleet for their aiblity) out of their rhino into Grotsnik's squad, who took minor casualties and whooped the possessed and berserkers both, and captured the center objective after taking down the remnants of the other 15 man CSM squad that was trying to take the first objective (it had been shot to pieces by the nobs, lootas, and others). My 2 30-man shoota mobs made it to his plague marines holding the right objective and wiped them off it, capturing it on turn 3.
Result: massacre, and 4 bonus points for me. 24 points total.

Round 2 vs. Shooty Marine Horde
This guy was a veteran that doesn't get to play often, but at least knows what he's about. This was also the scenario that I knew would be the hardest for me and the one I had a practice game on and had a minor loss before I changed my list. His list was Vulkan, a conversion beamer master of the forge, 2 jump pack assault squads, 4 tac squads, 2 razorbacks (1 LC and 1 HB), a MM/HF land speeder squadron, 2 vindicators, and a 4 ML Dev squad. He did a denied flank (mostly, assault squad and a tac squad on the right flank), the nob bikers sped forward and basically entertained his entire army (nearly) on the left flank. Grotsnik's mob took down the assault squad on the right flank with minimal effort, and everything else was basically the lootas and nobs. After dropping a bunch of pie plates, meltas, and what have you into the nobs who had turbo-boosted into his face, he foolishly sent his master of the forge into CC with the nobs along with vulkan, a tac squad, and an assault squad, and they pasted the master of the forge with power klaw instant death and actually won the combat. Eventually he killed all the nobs and dropped the warboss to 1 wound with shooting, but I didn't lose that final crucial wound. The lootas were life-savers here, killing the speeders and a razorback (and almost another but I rolled like crap on the damage table) and so netting me 3 points from that.
I killed the speeders, a razorback, 2 assault squads, and the master of the forge for a total of 12 KP. He killed the nobs for a total of 1 (but had he killed the warboss I'd have only won by 6.)
Result: Massacre, 2 bonus points for me. 22 points + 24 from the first round = 46 points.

Round 3 vs. Imperial Guard hybrid list
For the final round I faced probably the best player amongst the store regulars. Nice guy, knows his stuff. He had 2 command squads in chimeras with astropaths and masters of the fleet (makes me glad I didn't take kommandos), Marbo, 2 vet squads in chimeras, 2 infantry platoons, one with lots of guys and one with just a few guys, and 2 lascannon heavy weapons teams and 2 autocannon heavy weapons teams, he also had 4 regular russes in 2 squadrons, and 2 demolishers in a squadron. I had the nobs go around to the right along the bottom with the 30-man and the 20-man shoota mobs going for that objective, and sent a 30-man shoota mob to nab the top objective while grotsnik's mob poured out the top as well into his army. First turn I took out both his lascannon teams with lootas (strength 7 instakills the t3 2-wound heavy weapons teams). He blew his wad at my nobs and killed most of them. Turn 2 the 3 nobs left and the warboss gutted the demolisher squad, killing 1 tank and leaving the second with only a heavy bolter and shaken. They also charged the big infantry platoon and wiped them out. Grotsnik's mob also charged turn 2, killing some autocannons. The lootas mess up a couple chimeras but don't kill anything, immobilizing and taking the multilaser off a command chimera and a veteran chimera going for an objective. He finished off the nobs and left the warboss with 1 wound, and killed 4 of grotsnik's mob that was getting into his deployment zone. Turn 3 grotsnik's mob starts eating through his troops, killing the immobilized chimera, an autocannon squad, a veteran squad, an infantry squad, and sent another infantry squad running for their lives. The warboss manages to stun his other veteran's chimera, keeping it from maybe contesting an objective that my boyz were on. The lootas do little. His turn 3 marbo shows up and contests an objective, I had foolishly forgotten about him and had left a way for him to appear within 3". The vets, enraged at their inability to contest and objective since the time limit was coming, took out the warboss with plasma fire. He blew up a good number of my orks contesting the right objective, but 4 pie plates wasn't taking out 30 boyz with 4+ cover saves. Got about a third of the mob though.
Result: Massacre, 1 bonus point for me. 21 points for this round gives me a total of 67, 17 points above the next-highest guy.

I'm pretty stoked, especially considering that it's my first 40k tournament on the tabletop.
Plus, I even got 2 gretchin boxes, a killa kan, and a couple striking scorpions out of the what amounted to a fun free day of gaming with good people. Sweet!
The Kans didn't do much except in the first game. In game 2 they didn't fire a shot due to range, and in game 3 they only had range to some heavy weapons squads, which due to poor rolling on my part and him passing the 2 cover saves I actually inflicted meant they had 0 effect. They're more of a short ranged unit so it's mostly the games ending turn 3 that caused them to suffer. They really helped in game 1 though. The boyz mobs did great, except in turn 2 where they didn't have much of a chance since most of them had to run across the entire board if they wanted to get near the enemy and the mobs that did start on the board had really crappy terrain to deal with. The lootas were very helpful, getting that long-ranged punch in when I had few turns to play was fantastic. Grotsnik's mob whooped some serious butt too. Taking punishment like champs and rocking my opponents. The 5+ invulnerable was especially nice, as many of the wounds they took would have bypassed the a 4+ armor save (at least a third, I'd say). The nob bikers died most games, but in doing so did their job of being a big scary target or sticking it to enemies who didn't throw enough at them.

MVP unit that wasn't nob bikers: I'm calling it for grotsnik's mob. Every game they went out and rocked the opponent, even when they got charged by dedicated melee troops in games 1 and 2. People consistently underestimated them, as it's a unit few seem to use. It's basically a 525 point unit though, akin to nob bikers in terms of high cost and effectiveness. For regular units my MVP is the lootas, who while never overwhelmingly good, consistently gave help where it was needed. Killing transports, marines, heavy weapons teams, and light tanks, they proved their worth, especially with the time limit being what it was.

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