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I agree with Galahad.
Although I'd say a Looted Wagon is your best bet for Burna boys, because it costs the same, and they can deploy in it (unless that doesn't really matter).
It's stupid that they can't take a DT, terrible on so many levels.

Anyway, Burnas need to get close, in some situations they're fine without a transport, but in most You'll want it, even if for 1 turns movement.
Unloading them and chucking out 5 flamer templates is nasty.

Meks, I agree with not taking them on Lootas, but they're pretty good for Burnas.
If you do a close-in vehicle swarm, with Scorchas or Deffrollas then they can be a good asset, as you can just spread the squad out a bit, still shoot, and repair the vehicle.
More importantly though, in a decent-sized squad of Burnas, they add some much needed anti-vehicle potential.
You're fine against Terminators and such, because the Burnas are also power weapons, just remember not to fire your flamers against tough units.
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