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Demetrius trudged forward through the deep, thick mud, his armour’s mechanics straining against the clinging pull of the rapidly increasing pool of waterlogged earth beneath his feet. His command squad were formed into a v-shape leading the 1st company forward against the eldar. Looking back he saw 10th company setting up as a fire-base alongside their artillery units, waiting to rain death upon the eldar. The 2nd and 3rd companies were moving alongside his company, hundreds of tactical marines rushing forwards to meet the enemy. The ground shook as their vehicles advanced, dreadnoughts methodically walking towards the enemy lines, and land raiders and predators keeping at the pace of the marines, firing lascannon shots at the enemy armour. Demetrius nodded to Jorl, who unfurled the banner he held, the bright red material fluttering in the wind as a bright amethyst in the centre shone over the area. The rain began to cease even as the banner unfurled, and Demetrius took this to be a good sign for the coming battle.

He spoke into his vox “ Fire-base open fire, you know your targets”
The whine of artillery joined the sounds of battle as shells flew through the air, exploding along the line of advancing eldar. Clouds of gas billowed up as they impacted, the eldar caught by the barrage, visibly slowing and then keeling over from the effects of the poison. A second barrage followed, this time an even deadlier payload of frag missiles, struck the earth, exploding violently amongst the densely packed eldar. Shrapnel flew out along the eldar lines, decimating their front ranks and causing groups of non-aspect warriors to flee in terror. Demetrius and his men continued on as the barrages flew overhead, until the advancing eldar were nearly within range. “Barrage stop, he shouted, companies fire at will.”

The vehicles that had already been firing were joined by more of the armoured group, as dreadnoughts bearing assault cannons targeted the enemy, the bullets whipping out at high speed at the eldar. Terminators carrying assault cannons joined the fray, as did any other marines carrying specialised weapons. The advancing marines slowed as they brought their guns to bear on the eldar, the shells from their bolter ripped into the eldar lines, blowing chunks of their bodies to bits, even as the eldar returned fire. Shruiken fire seemed ineffectual from a small group, but on mass it was a terrible sight to behold, the deadly blades cutting through the armour of many of the marines and even the mighty terminator armour could not withstand their attacks.

As the two sides grew even nearer the marines drew their weapons, chainswords and power swords gleaming in the bright sun. The vehicles, excluding the dreadnoughts, held back, satisfied to support their forces from a distance. Demetrius put his bolt-pistol in its holster and drew two ornate swords from their sheaths, their light blinding the eldar nearing his position. Raising one high above his head, he charged, his men following swiftly behind him as they screamed at the eldar. “Gloryyyyy”

The two battle lines met with a tremendous clash of blades and the crack of broken bones, as the marines smashed into the more fragile eldar and threw them back into their fellows.
If viewed from above the battlefield could be viewed as a small black group pushing against a larger blue group. While it was obvious the black group were making a sudden impact, the blue group was much larger and was constantly growing. The black group were obviously living on borrowed time, space marines they maybe but they needed help.

Demetrius and his squad pushed ever onwards into the mass of xenos, terminators continually pushing forwards into the gaps left behind them, until Demetrius found his targets near the back of the enemy. Standing nonchalantly in a circle of wraithbone structures not entered by any other eldar, an eldar autarch watched over a farseer who was obviously deep in thought, while a wraithlord stood watch over them both. These were the leaders of this force and Demetrius hoped their deaths would cause confusion to sow through their ranks. Coupled with this these structures were supposed to be the cause of the legion’s foresight being weakened.

As he moved forwards the wraithlords body turned to face him, the great sword it carried raised to point at him. The autarch turned and saw what had alerted the wraithlord and a laugh escaped from its mouth. Bringing forth its own sword it motioned the wraithlord to stay put as he advanced on Demetrius. In turn Demetrius signalled his men to continue the fight outside the circle. The two warriors charged at each other and the swift eldar almost struck a blow to Demetrius’ torso. Parrying the blow with one sword, he brought the other up and sliced at the eldar’s head, but the xenos dodged quickly and only received a slight glance to his shoulder, nevertheless removing the armour. The dancing pair continued in their fight, as the eldar continued to strike at Demetrius, causing more and more wounds each time, while Demetrius caused two wounds for each one he suffered, his blades acting as if operating independently, whirling through the air at the autarch. Demetrius lunged in as the autarch made to strike, realising too late that it was a feint as the eldar stabbed at his torso. The blade bit deep, plunging into his body and piercing his heart. Adjusting his secondary heart to compensate, he pulled away from the sword and swung his two swords quickly together at the autarchs neck, their blades clanging together as they met exactly in the middle of his neck. Blood appeared along a small slit around the eldar’s neck, and Demetrius pulled his swords away, allowing the autarchs head to drop onto the floor.

A shuddering thump brought him back to his senses as he realised the wraithlord wished to take it's revenge. It’s monstrous form thundered towards him with staggering speed, raising its sword in two hands and bringing it crashing down onto Demetrius’ two blades that he hastily raised in defence. The blow threw him sprawling onto the floor across the circle, clenching his fists to keep a tight hold of his weapons. Rolling over he looked over at the wraithlord who was moving back towards him. Looking up, he laughed as he saw blazing fire trail across the sky, drop pods hurtling down towards the battle to even the odds against the enemy. The wraithlord seemed oblivious to this new development as it swung its sword back and forth at Demetrius, who was dodging back towards his command squad.

A drop pod impacted scarcely 5 metres away from Demetrius knocking him backwards onto the floor and causing the farseer to open her eyes and stand up. The door clanked open and a blinding light came out of it causing the wraithlord to turn to meet this new threat. A large figure strode out carrying a shining spear, the light slowly dimming to a low glimmer. He was flanked by 4 terminators also carrying spears, but with no such light emitting from their weapons. The figure waved these men away to deal with the farseer as Demetrius hurried to him and saluted.

“Primarch you honour us with your presence here” he said, “I pass full command back to you”
Amethis turned to him and emitted a booming laugh, slapping him on the shoulder “ I think we can dispense with the formalities Demetrius, I mean we are in the middle of a bloody battle here!” So saying, he launched himself at the towering wraithlord, his spear raised high, and brought it sailing down, its blade whistling through the air towards the constructs head. Slicing straight through the armour, the blade carried on, breaking the wraithlords body in half. He quickly turned to meet the blow of the farseer who had entrapped the terminators in psychic bonds. Every blow of the farseer was met almost before the xenos had made the move, and Demetrius chuckled as Amethis used his foresight expertly. The farseer made a complex movement with her other hand and blew Amethis backwards across the circle, quickly moving again to bring lightning piercing down onto the primarch’s body.

Another drop pod landed nearby, this one more lavishly decorated than the first, with golden paint and runes inscribed on every inch of space. The door fell open and 10 cloaked marines walked out, their golden armour gleaming and their dark blue cloaks billowing. These were the legion’s foresight fathers, their only librarians, and it was obvious the farseer did not relish fighting all 10 of their number at once.

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