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Week #4 - To Plot or Not

Welcome to Week #4 of the Writer's Circle! WooT! This week we are going to be focusing on plot. In light of the upcoming Heresy Online Fiction Contest 2009, I've bounced some ideas off of Shogun_Nate this time to see what could really be of use for you all this week. We both decided that a thread with a good explanation of what plot is, and how to use it would be best topic for this week. This weeks article is called “To Plot or Not” by Chuck Leddy. It comes from the August 2008 issue of “The Writer” magazine. It talks about the age old debate on whether or not you should outline your stories. Please enjoy it. After the article will be my discussion questions and explanations of different plot types and how to utilize them.

Click the green link at the top of the post to be directed to the discussion.


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