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Originally Posted by Lord Sven Kittyclaw View Post
Dwarf lord
great weapon
master rune of kragg the grimm
rune of striking
master rune of gromril
rune of resistance
master rune of spite
this guy is fine. personaly i would give him shield bearers, which with a ruen of stone gives you a 1+ save, and gives you more pts to spend on runes.
Dwarf thane
rune of guarding
rune of stoicism
master rune of fear
i would give this guy the master rune of gromril, and 2 runes of iron personaly, he dosent need banner runes. then again, you may find he does.
Dragon slayer
master rune of swiftness
rune of cleaving x2
i never use one, but most people who do say to keep him "naked", and let his slayer axes do the work.
master rune of balance
rune of spellbreaking
this is how i set up mine. this is perfect unless you are vs a horror/vamper counts/TK/slann army, at which point you will struggle, and only spamming runesmiths with an anvil will be of much use. if that is the case focus on other stuff and dispell the spells which will make or break the game.
23 longbeards
great weapons
full command
rune of battle
(Lord and BSB go here)

19 dwarf warriors
full command
(Runesmith goes here)

25 Longbeards
full command
rune of battle
rune of stoicism
i have no problem with this, though personaly i would only have one unit of warriors backed up by ironbreakers and hammerers, but thats me.
10 thunderers

10 thunderers

10 thunderers
my prefered set up is 10 thunderers and 10 quallerers, but this is again fine.
rune of reloading

rune of burning
rune of reloading
the rune of forging may be usefull on these.
14 slayers
(Dragon slayer here)
you do not need the banner and muscion in here as they will never run away. use them to hold a flank.
organ gun

organ gun
perfect, they will be useful vs anything at all.
So basically my three fighty units advance while my uber fear causing pretty much always outnumber, +4 to combat res uber unit, forms my center, I'm confident that with 30 thunderers and my artillery I can shoot any hordes down to size, or destroy elite units, My cannons are for Great eagle/Dragon/lone character/chariot hunting, While my organ gun goes for skirmishers and heavy cav.
The one problem I have with this list is one runesmith, I have 6 DD in my magic phase and my opponent is at -1 PD, he also has one dispel scroll, Is this enough magic defense?
i use the same number of dispell dice, and it is often enough unless your opponent spams magic. he is often lacking somewhere else though, so hit him where it hurts.

humm, true. This is yet again proof the Orks are smarter the Elves.-Micklez
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