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Originally Posted by Ishamael View Post
Here's something I want some advice for, since I'm just starting this game. There is no doubt I'm doing Dwarves, so I would like to know how hardcore I should go into dispelling the enemy Magic Phase. I've only looked at the codex a little, but are there not Runes of dispelling, as well as dispel dice you get from Runesmiths?
i always play a runesmith with the Master rune of balance (swaps 1 of your opponents PD to 1 of your DD) and a rune of spellbreaking (a dispell rune/scroll-thing)
this gives you 6 pd and a dispell scroll, usefull up to 1500pts vs all, and 2000pts vs magic light armies. magic heavy armies will give you a problem, but they are usaly lacking in something else, so can be beaten.

ps-its called an army book

humm, true. This is yet again proof the Orks are smarter the Elves.-Micklez
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