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Originally Posted by Lord Sven Kittyclaw View Post
Dwarf lord
great weapon
master rune of kragg the grimm
rune of striking
master rune of gromril
rune of resistance
master rune of spite

Dwarf thane
rune of guarding
rune of stoicism
master rune of fear

Dragon slayer
master rune of swiftness
rune of cleaving x2

master rune of balance
rune of spellbreaking

23 longbeards
great weapons
full command
rune of battle
(Lord and BSB go here)

19 dwarf warriors
full command
(Runesmith goes here)

25 Longbeards
full command
rune of battle
rune of stoicism

10 thunderers

10 thunderers

10 thunderers

rune of reloading

rune of burning
rune of reloading

14 slayers
(Dragon slayer here)

organ gun

organ gun

So basically my three fighty units advance while my uber fear causing pretty much always outnumber, +4 to combat res uber unit, forms my center, I'm confident that with 30 thunderers and my artillery I can shoot any hordes down to size, or destroy elite units, My cannons are for Great eagle/Dragon/lone character/chariot hunting, While my organ gun goes for skirmishers and heavy cav.
The one problem I have with this list is one runesmith, I have 6 DD in my magic phase and my opponent is at -1 PD, he also has one dispel scroll, Is this enough magic defense?
6 DD is what a normal army has for magical defence, that said you have no magic of your own, so you may want more DD. As TK that -1 PD won't effect me, but for some armies it will help your cause. 30 Thunderers will do well against slow armies like chaos, but against true horde armies they won't mind it so much (Skaven come to mind, you get 3 rounds of shooting, hitting with 50% wounding with 66% they have about 200 models...). The melee units are a welcome change to what I usually see with dwarves however and I like the balanced approach you've made to dwarves with more of a mix, rather than what is usually a gunline army. Magic defence for anyone else would be fine, for dwarves I'm not sure if it is/isn't enough as you have none of your own.
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