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Originally Posted by Culler View Post
As far as the shoota boyz go, they're much better than slugga boyz IMO for footsloggers because they're effective from 18" out instead of only melee range. And effective they certainly are, easily outshooting their points worth of anything else. And better yet, they still rock at melee. The difference between 2 attacks base and 3 attacks base is small but the difference between effective on turn 2 vs. effective on turn 3 is very important.
This is an excellent list although actually the Shoota Boyz have an effective Range of 24" not 18", which makes them even better. As to whether this is a Green Tide list I suppose it is debatable but I sort of classify any Ork list that is under 2000 points but over 150 Boyz as a Green Tide. Both Shoota Boyz and Lootas are still Boyz and still count, especially the Shootas. Even a Green Tide List should have some Support to be effective so I would agree with the OP that this qualifies.

I would be tempted to lose the Warboss on his Bike in this List and add either a Big Mek and KFF for the obvious reasons or for about the sames points cost add a full unit of Warbikes including a Nob with Bosspole across the front of your army and use them as a moving screen for the rest of your army while closing quickly. Just my thoughts on the list.
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