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Default 750 tornament list

Here's the situation, three players with 750 points, alied, against 4000 points of nid swarm. The Team that gets the most kill points wins the tornament, and each team is alowed A Superheavy. The minimum is 1 troops choice and one HQ

My allies are Blood Angels, and Guard, and me using codex marines. The guard player has a stormlord.

Lysander. 200

Tactical Squad, Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Drop Pod. 205

Vindicator. 115

Whirlwind. 85

Deathwind Drop Pod (hey its not a superheavy!), with assualt cannons 140.

This leaves me with 5 points left. Lysander will be going with the Blood angels player's assualt terminators (wich according to the shop rules can be fielded with C:SMs storm sheilds)

How effective will this list be against a endless swarm of nids?

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