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Finally a new part, got ages for summer holidays now to write the following parts, so be ready for more battle scenes and no more suspense over the fighting. All leading up to a shocking conclusion.

As the Validictor continued its descent Demetrius hurried to protect his troops, moving his men out of the expected blast radius. The Revenants landing back on the ground, also looked to protect themselves and Demetrius, with some satisfaction realised they would not make it. The sound of groaning metal echoed across the area, as the Titans body impacted on the ground, sending waves of debris flying up away from it, creating a wall of dust. Stones as large as dreadnoughts battered the revenants casings as dust clogged their engines, gradually slowing them down to a halt. The effects of the impact slowly showed upon the Validictor as bursts of flame blew out of holes that had been ripped open, searing hot flames licking out around the body. These were of little concern to the Space Marines, but if the nuclear reactor blew Demetrius knew that his men were only just on the edge of the expected radius. Thankfully the rainstorm was slowly reducing the intensity of the fires they could see, but any internal fires were another matter.
Turning his thoughts to the accursed eldar revenants, Demetrius called out to his men.

“All lascannons open fire” he bellowed “ bring them down to avenge the vile attack on the Validictor”

Lascannon fire lanced out across the expanse, causing ripples of explosions to impact across the surface of the revenants, the sheer amount of firepower slowly beginning to tell on their fragile bodies. As their structures finally gave in and they fell to the ground, Demetrius was brought back to more pressing problems as a the Validictor gave a tortured groan, its body visibly shaking from an unknown cause. Suddenly most of its armour blew off in a mighty explosion, a plume of smoke billowed upwards as a great wave of fire and plasma blew out across the ground, burning the very earth and cutting through Titan debris as though it were flesh. The revenants suffered the same fate, their forms being quickly swallowed up by the unstoppable flow. Reaching the first trench, the wave of plasma slowed a little as it fell in to the now abandoned pathways and then stopped completely as it sank further down and burned into the already deep trenches.

Vehicles hurried forward to lay sheets over the trenches, to allow movement over the plasma pools forming underneath. Demetrius ordered them onwards, making sure the ground ahead was clear of any dangerous substances. The vast mass of organised lines of troops were an inspiring sight for Demetrius, fully 4 companies under his command arrayed for battle. Through the receding dust cloud a horde of eldar warriors and vehicles could be seen gracefully moving to engage his men. A smile formed on his lips, he knew these xenos were skilled fighters, but surely their witches should have realised the foolishness of attacking his forces. He looked at the pict-screens arrayed around him and saw that the rest of the legion and the Imperial Army forces assisting them would be making planetfall within the hour.

Riddell winced as the howling voices of one of the groups of aspect warriors grated on his ears as the eldar grew nearer, satisfaction appearing on his face as his fellow snipers began to pick them off. He spotted one of the hideous witches the eldar called ‘farseers’ and rested his sniper rifle on the ground picking her out among the vast array of eldar. He pulled the trigger, and the bullet flew towards the farseer, the xenos turning its head as it realised something was wrong, just before it impacted on her head. As she fell down the warriors around her wavered as they noticed her death, but when they began again they were visibly shaking with fury at the death of their leader. Riddell smiled, good thing they were enraged, it would make the fight all the better.

Zooming along the battlefield towards the eldar, Juno and Demetrius joked with each other as if they were totally oblivious to the advancing xenos. Now and then they would parry and slice at random enemies that had advanced too far ahead of the main body. Holding their hands up high, they signalled their respective groups to halt as they surveyed their targets.
“ If you take those banshees Juno, I can make a feint for the main body before turning back to support you” called Demetrius, “ sound good?”
“Sounds perfect” Juno replied “ good fighting my friend.” So saying, he moved his men straight for a mass of howling banshees, bolters firing precisely into their ranks. He could see the encircling moves Demetrius was taking and sped further through the warriors so he would meet his group dead centre. The eldar suddenly noticed the ruse and those at the back turned to greet the approaching bikers, only for most of them to be shot and cut down before returning any blows. A mass of shruiken fire was being aimed at their groups now from the main eldar group and more and more of their men were being dragged down, although they had nearly finished of the banshees. Demetrius dropped off his bike as its machine spirit died due to the damage it had sustained. He turned as a piercing cry burst across his ears, and a banshee twirled towards him, its dancing gait almost entrancing him. Bringing up his chainsword he parried the first blow from the eldar’s sword, the ringing clash almost silent amongst the clamour of battle. The xenos moved much quicker than him and he found himself hard pressed to stop the blows landing on his body. A swift blow from its sword chopped his hand off and his sword flew out of reach. Battering at the eldar with his boltgun he tried vainly to prevent the blade from biting deep cuts into his armour, until finally the banshee swirled round and chopped at his head, decapitating him instantly. A cry rang out as Juno saw his friends lifeless body slump to the floor, the eldar warrior already moving to engage a new target. Raising his boltgun Juno ran forwards, firing shot after shot at the banshee, punching through its armour till he was sure it was dead. Moving towards the body he opened the vox channel for his and Demetrius’ group.
“Men the banshees are dead, we move back to the lines, taking any wounded or dead that we can, Demetrius has fallen so I will need a new officer from his group, for now I’ll lead us. Revving their engines the groups moved back away from the approaching eldar forces, leaving many of the fallen behind.

When writing this extract I noticed that I had two characters who had the same name, the overall Captain Demetrius and a sergeant of the bike squad by the same name. I was going to kill one of the bike sergeants off before I realised this so its not really a big problem, I just didn't want to get confused between who I was writing about.

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