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htmlord's logic on his no. 2 is wrong... a charging unit isnt engaged at the start of combat (whenever you think that is) and so has no targetting restrictions (ie they pick freely...) instead of simply having no targets.

I'm a believer that the BRB doesn't include totally useless rules
*wondering where my cynism has temporarily escaped to*

"Models that were engaged with just one of the enemy units at the beginning of the combat (before any model attacked) must attack that unit."
Either this "beginning of the combat" is the start of the assault (1) phase or its when attacks are thrown (2).

If 1 if true then you cant attack a unit that has charged you if you were locked in combat through the player turn switch.

If 2 is true then a unit engaged from a previous turn can attack enemies that have assaulted that turn... however, if that is so then the whole point is redundant: if anyone can explain how you can be engaged by 1 unit before you use your attacks and 2 afterwards then I will instantly be convinced that this is the correct interpretation...
- the only thing I can think of that could make sense of this quote and 2 is that all the quote is saying that if your engaged you have to use your attacks... if so why does it have that line about "at the beginning of combat" and why is it in the section on multiple combats?

I was very much on the fence before I wrote this post but have solidified my position somewhat, if you can poke (sensible) holes in my logic then you'll very rapidly change my position..

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