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Agreed with Rev.

The wording for the BRB quotes are for this reason. Let's say I have models from unit X and from unit O and P (O and P are from the same army). (I) is an Independent Character, they have higher initiative (same army as X, the picture makes it more clear.


P charges into combat, (I) strikes first and slaughters the lot. Before blows were struck, the member of X on the lower right hand corner of the unit (the green one in the diagram) was in base contact with only one of the enemy units, even though he was engaged with both. However, after (I) strikes:


Even though X is still within 2" of a model in B2B with O, he cannot attack because before blows were struck, he was in base contact with a different enemy unit.

This also applies to IC's (I think), in regards to them acting as separate units in combat. Basically, if you have a Captain or whatnot inside a unit, and they charge an enemy, the enemy can use all of their troops within 2" of a model in B2B to strike him, EXCEPT FOR the models that are on the front line of the unit and already in B2B with other models in the captain's squad.

I think. I don't remember if the BRB makes a special exception for that, but if it doesn't that's how it works.

The point is however, that the rule exists for the reasons outlined above, and not to support the idea of stabbing someone in the back. Remember, infantry models have no facing - so they effectively don't have a back!
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