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ohh its two for and two against

if your involved in a combat from a prievious turn and are charged by an additional enemy unit you cannot attack them until the end of the turn.
where does it state this in the rule book. That is what is being argued so it can't be used as justification

It even makes sense in fluff- if you're fighting an opponent someone else coming along and stabs you in the back your hardly able to hit them back.
fluff means nothing when it comes to rules sadly

Beginning of the combat (not combat phase) means after the units have engaged (moved together). At this point you go model by model.

A) is the model in b2b contact with a more than one unit
yes: allocate attack to any unit he is in b2b with
no: allocate attack to the one unit he is in b2b with
B) is the model within two inches of a model in b2b contact with more than one
enemy unit
more than one unit: allocate attack to either of the units
one unit: allocate attack to the one unit that is in b2b with the model that is
within two inches of it.
no units: model does not attack

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