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They are right- if your involved in a combat from a prievious turn and are charged by an additional enemy unit you cannot attack them until the end of the turn. It even makes sense in fluff- if you're fighting an opponent someone else coming along and stabs you in the back your hardly able to hit them back.

"Models that were engaged with just one of the enemy units at the beginning of the combat (before any model attacked) must attack that unit.

5th Ed FAQ
Page 41 – Multiple Combats, Attacking.
A third bullet point should be added, as follows:
• Models that at the beginning of the combat
(before any model attacked) were engaged with
more than one enemy unit, but were in base
contact with just one of the enemy units, must
attack that unit.

The FAQ comment isn't really relevant but I though I would throw it in as it could be overlooked. To my mind P41 means that if you're in combat with a unit before any unit assaults must be attacked, otherwise it makes no sense- there is no way of changing the models that you're engaged with once the assault and pile in moves are finished... that means that this phrase would be meaningless.

Thats how we read the rules near me, but then we aren't perfect... we're still adjusting from 4th to 5th and we keep coming across things that we are playing wrong, though this hasnt happened for a while.

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