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Whoa... deva vu...

You had it right. It boils down to the point that "begining of combat" is after assaults have been made but before blows are struck. Models in Base to Base must attack enemy models they are in base to base with, but models who are either not or in base to base with more then a single enemy unit model may choose to allocate their attacks where ever they like.

Their reasoning is sketchy at best since, 'before any model attacks/before blows are struck' goes all the way *up to* the point where you start allocating attacks. Kind of like if I told you that you can use your cell phone before you start your car, that doesn't mean before you get in your car, it means before you start your car. So from your front door to when the key is in the ignition is "before you start your car".

If anyone told me I wasn't allowed to defend against an attacking unit because I was already being attacked by another unit... I'd probably hand them the game and leave.

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