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Default Army-building campaign challenge

OK guys, I've set myself a conceptual challenge for a campaign I'm designing, and I thought I'd share it with you (if the mods think this should be elsewhere as it's as much about rules and fluff as actual lists, I quite understand).

Design a 2500pt list with the following FOC:

HQ - 1-2
Elite - 1-3
Troop - 4-6
FA - 1-3
HS - 1-3

which is broken up into 4 battle formations and one 500pt strategic reserve, such that:

1 is HQ 1+, Troop 1+;
2 is Elite 1+, Troop 1+;
3 is Fast Attack 1+, Troop 1+;
4 is Heavy Support 1+, Troop 1+

These are the compulsories - any points left over can be spent on any other units in these formations, as long as, if they all came together, they wouldn't bust a normal FOC. The strategic reserve, brought in for the final battle, can be any desired reinforcements - again, however, no breaking of a standard FOC. One thing you can do, however, is beef up squads with reinforcements (eg a 5-man BA tac squad in mission 1 could become a 10-man tac squad with heavy weapon in the final battle)

The idea is that each formation has a specific small-scale mission to fulfil, before a massive battle at the end. The 4 small battles are assumed to be happening simultaneously, and all affect the result of the final battle.

The missions are based on the standard missions in the rulebook, though due to the small size of forces. probably on 4x4 tables - mission 1 is Secure and Control (your HQ choice, accompanied by some troops, is scouring the area for ammo, technology, DNA or whatever); mission 2 is Cleanse (your elites must destroy the enemy in the area); mission 3 is Enemy Lines (your fast attacks must find a way to break the enemy's line as quickly as possible); mission 4 is Take and Hold (your heavy support must occupy a strategic location at the centre of the board to deny it to the enemy).

Essentially, anyone want to give designing a list a go? And can anyone see anything unworkable about the general idea?

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