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Default Want to Understand...

I'm getting my Space Wolf army back up and running and looking at lists online, current 'standard' Space Wolf lists, and local armies and want to understand the Rhino and Razorback craze.

I somewhat understand the Razorback idea with the mounted Lascannons and such but I don't feel the small storage is really worth it, especially for Space Wolves to be effective. Also, I plane don't like Rhino's. I feel like I am better off with Drop Pods or moving on foot. Drop Pods I feel are more in your face and effective with going right into enemy lines and rapid firing before next turn charging.

I just kind of want to understand the argument and slightly want to be won over just to understand. So win me over

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Because metal boxes are hard to kill, and a metal box with a gun is even better. You pay about 70 (IDK SW point values) for a las/plas back that can mover farther than your normal marine, protect said marines from anti-infantry fire, and be a threat in itself with a weapon. Also, infantry can be killed by anti-tank and anti-infantry, however tanks can be killed only by anti-tank. You efficiently neuter the effectiveness of their anti-infantry if everything is inside a transport. What's scarier? 60 marines on foot with heavy weapons/assault weapons mixed in, or 30 marines inside a razorback that lets them move where they want, and has a gun on it.


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because SWs, CSMs, do not need to be a 10man size squad to be effective. so basically the thoughts of taking 5man squads of grey hunters + a wolfguard in a razorback with *awesome weapon here* makes them the best price for your buck.

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Rhinos are my preference, because they let you have an extra two bodies in the unit ( i always run 7), and fire rune priest awesomesauce out of the top hatch. I occasionally run the razors, with hunters and a wolf guard, but i think they are too easily popped to be worth the 70 odd pts. you can buy 2 rhinos for the price of a razor, so the extra points can be used to up the model count. rhinos can move fast and don't need to reduce speed to shoot, so you can deliver your hunters straight to the objective without any dilly dallying.

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Most of the lists that make use of Razorspam (or at least the ones that I've seen anyway) are shooty focused lists. Lots of 5 man grey hunter packs with 1 melta and no upgrades.

The idea of taking such small and naked squads is so that you can spam as many razorbacks in the list as you can. The more guns you have, the more shooty are, and the more chances you have of blasting your enemies into little bits. While the basic space wolf is more close combat oriented than a vanilla marine, these razorspam lists are not really about hand to hand, they're about firepower.

While the 5 man grey hunter pack can do alright in close combat without any upgrades and in small numbers, they should never be used to take on your opponents dedicated close combat troops. Those guys you blast to bits with your las/plas razorbacks, meltas, long fang packs, etc. and then (and only then), you send in your 5 man grey hunter packs if you need to dislodge the enemy from an objective or something. At that point your opponent's close combat troops have (most likely) been severely mauled, will be understrength, and ready for your grey hunters to move in and clean up.

So why so much razorspam?

Well, if you look at the meta-game you see a lot of mechanized shooty armies at the top of the pile. Why is this? Because mechanized shooty armies do really well in 5th edition. There's a lot of reasons for this, such as...

-Not being able to assault out of a closed topped vehicle
-Being able to fire out of a cosed topped vehicle via fire points
-Being able to disembark out of a closed topped vehicle and rapid fire/shoot assault weapons, etc. to full affect
-Transport vehicles having heavy weapons and being fairly cheap to take
-Vehicles, as well as the guys inside, being able to fire and move
-Vehicles being made more survivable in the glancing and penetration charts
-No longer having rules like emergency disembarkation which often caused troops to be pinned when the vehicle was destroyed
-2/3rds of the standard missions requiring you to get your troops onto objectives to take them (i.e. wanting to take transports so you can get them where you need them)

In the end, this means you see a lot of these types of armies. They're very mobile and can each put out a considerable amount of firepower. I.G. and Space Wolves are two of the best at being able to create this type of list, and that's why you're seeing so many razorspam space wolf armies out there.


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