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Default Versus Space Marine/Chaos Terminators

This week we have an opponent that's been a long time coming.
They're huge, they lumber so menacingly...they can appear out of nowhere and unleash heavy firepower or dish out terrifying assaults, and they;re almost impossible to put down.

That's right: Terminators, both chaos and loyal are deadly, though hay have their differences, they're also very similar. What takes one down will usually work against the other.

So how do you take down the Terminators?

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I think it's a fairly rock/paper/scissors question.

What makes Termies tough? The armour save. Remove that and they're scurrying around in no better than a flak jacket for all intents and purposes.

So naturally you want to hit them with whatever respective item you have that removes their armour save from the equation.

For me that's las/plas combos.
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If they Deep Strike, Plasma Cannons. If not, plasma guns at range and massed fire to force the saves. In all honesty, Terms don't really scare me.

one thing I want is the ability to split my fire everywhere, it makes no sense that a squad of 10 guard or marines or whatever all have to fire at 1 target with everything, is the guy with the lascannon not smart enough to realize maybe he would be better off firing at the massive tank looming overhead instead of the little man no bigger than a squat running at him, or is that far too complex for the 10yr olds?

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If your army happens to contain a monstrous creature then thats often a good bet, just don't expect it to come out alive if Power/chainfists are in the mix. Psyker powers are great-things like wind of chaos will absolutely toast 'em unless you get unlucky.
Vindicare assassins and Mind War can be used to take out encroaching icons/teleport homers to good effect which leaves them vulnerable to materialising inside walls/different time zones etc. If you know you're coming up against them (and you're imperial) than an inquisitor with mystics and multi-melta servitors can make a real mess of them.
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I'm not really concerned about termies either... Even with IG.

Took out a squad of 5 NurgleTermies with 12 Guardsmen... 2 with power weapons with rerolls thanks to a Priest. The firepower bounced off (I don't use much AP2), but the melee was fun, lol.
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Wraithlord, brightlance and/or Starcannon.
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Wraithlords work, until the unit gets into melee... then the Wraithlord usually dies in a single turn. For the points, the edge woud go to a small squad of Terminators.

Really, any squad that can pump out 5+ rounds of AP2 goodness per turn will be the bane of most terminators...

SM squads with twin plasmaguns and a plasma pistol scare off most termie squads.

IG squads that are plasma-happy are often 1/2 the cost of a termy squad and can riddle them with holes. 10 Plasma shots from a single IG command squad usually means that several Termies are down, and usually a Guardsman or two as well.
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The easiest way to take down Terminators is to hit them with the biggest, meanest guns that your army has to offer. Lascannons, starcannons, Shokk Attack Guns, dark lances, railguns, exorcist missiles and plenty more besides have an AP of 2 or better and the strength to easily cause wounds. A similar philosophy should be adopted for close combat. Power weapons, power fists, Rending and the like will also greatly aid you in cracking open that thick armor.

If you ever find yourself in a spot where you don't have the ideal weapons for the job, there's always the old fashioned way - fire saturation. Light them up with so many guns that they're forced to take tons of saves. Even the luckiest players have to roll some 1's eventually. When taking this approach, adopt and all or nothing way of thinking. It won't help much if you devote a single unit of Guardsmen with lasguns to taking out the Terminators. If you plan on overwhelming them with sheer number of shots, go big or go home. Two, three or more units getting in close with rapid fire weapons should leave an impressive dent in all but the toughest units.

Terminators tend to arrive on the battlefield in a few ways. They'll either walk like everyone else, grab a ride in a Land Raider or most commonly Deep Strike onto the battlefield. If the Termies decide to walk, treat them like you would an AV14 battle tank. If they're riding in a Land Raider make it your top priority and destroy it ASAP, entangling the Terminators and taking them out of the game for a while. Deep Strikers are a bit harder to deal with since they're far harder to avoid but as long as their initial salvo doesn't deal your army crippling damage, you can just throw a large, expendable unit at them to hold them up in close combat for a few turns while you bring in some assault specialists to finish the job.

Katie D
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Anything with an ap2 in my diposal and/or a sleek lord and his bodyguards on them and hope that they get good ^^.
also if it's an apocalypse game Disrupter beacon and either plant them at the farset end of the game so they can get shot to pieces or if they're deep striking either on my troops so they land and crash or on a table corner and hope they fly off because I find it rare for a basic deepstrike to go off table but if I have the chance when they deepstrike I would send what forces are there and blaes them and hope they can distract them long enought ^^

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So simple when you're Eldar

If they deepstrike: prism cannon
If they footslog: assault with a full banshee squad (and doom!)
If they ride: avoid the transport
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