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Default Two more suggestions

So for me and my friend's army, we are going to go with two HQ's. He is going to make a Chaos Lord but he can't decide whether to use Power armor and a jump pack/wings or terminator armor. The main idea with the Lord is to use his personal Icon and get him in melee and summon a squad of melee heavy terminators to screw with ranged squads. He is also going to use a Plaguebringer (wound on 4+).

Which should he choose?

Me, on the other hand, am panning on using a Daemon Prince. Ill give him wings and Warptime (cast at the beginning of every turn) but I can't decide. Either the Mark of Slaanesh for the extra initiative or the Mark of Khorne for extra attack.
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well MoK princes can't take psychic powers and are the worst setup except an unwinged, unmarked prince.

So if you want a CC prince any of the marks are useful in someway, slaneesh generaly strikes first, nurgle is good vs low str hits and tzeentch good vs armour ignoring hits.

However 1 thing to note 5 attacks in close combat i've often found is just not enough even if you have warptime, which is why you will generaly see princes run in pairs and they will assault together.

I'll quickly list some good prince setups i've had sucess with and bear in mind all have wings:

Warptime - Cheap and perfect for low point games

MoN & Warptime - this guy is awesome against basic troops but you really have to watch out for anything Str8 that ignores armour.

MoT, Warptime & Wind of Chaos - This guy can take down a full 10man SM squad solo

MoT, Warptime & Bolt of Change - Not as effective at taking out full squads but the S8 AP1 shot can pop a transport and let you assault whatever was inside, something to consider.

MoS & Lash of Submission - Do i need to say more? i mean when i run a dual lash list 1 squad is pulled into my army shot and then assaulted if it's still standing. I wouldn't take warptime simply because you can take lash and just destroy units easier buy pulling them in and using your entire army to destroy them.

As for your friends idea the problem is that when units DS they can't assault so the termies are going to get shot to hell before they can do anything and trust me a 5+ isn't going to save them. Hell i'd love a set of melee termies to drop right infront of my oblits, it would honestly make my day, i would suggest taking some combi weapons and always get a chainfist and a heavy flamer, if he uses the icon you can drop them next to the ranged squad and shoot the crap out of them first and reduce the amount of return fire.

Oh ye the lord, um i hate lords, princes are much more efficient but if thats what he wants... infact screw it just tell him to get kharn, charge him into a unit solo (avoid anything S8+) and watch his beautiful work, i've seen him take down a trygon solo he's just that badass.

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For him, it's all about personal flavour and it depends where he will put the lord with wings. It will need to be in a squad with a troop choice to have any chance of surviving. I personally would go with the terminator armour

As for yourself, if you take MOK you can't have any psychic abilities, you just gain the bonus attack and thats all. Also, if you go with MOS, you may as well get one of the cheesiest powers in the game, lash of submission. The ability to move your opponents models gives you some tactical flexibility (unless your spamming oblits or vindicators). Your demon prince will be striking before most enemies anyways, just make sure not to get assaulted.

hope this helps

edit: OpTi, you beat me to the punch
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I don't know about the lord because I don't use them. The prince on the other hand I have a few thoughts. The mark of slaanesh is cheap but you already got i5 and that beats most. Most slaanesh princes use lash of submission. As for the mark of khorne The extra attack is nice but you lose warptime. No khorne psykers. My personal favorite dp has wings, mark of tzeentch, warptime and wind of chaos. He's expensive but with the rerolls and the flamer he can run out and just curbstomp anything from hordes to monstrous creatures.
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One setup i've used to great success with termies is as follows:

5x Termie Champs
-Heavy Flamer+PF, 4x LC+Combi-Flamer/Melta

A bit expensive, but nasty in the extreme. Load them all out with the same combi-weapon, and they can annihilate their chosen target with ease. Taking them as champs is optional, but i find the extra 5 attacks is more than worth it.

As for the lord, if he's using a Daemon weapon i always give him termie armour. Its only 5 pts more expensive (beacuse the DW is cheaper /w termie armour) and you get that sexy 2+ save. This also allows him to use Icons for Deepstike if you so choose.

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that is an expensive but probably pretty nasty unit to face, however i would rather pay the 5pts to get a chainfist for the 2d6 armour pen.
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