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I'd go mobile, have you got any land speeders preferably ones with a heavy flamer? A single heavy flamer could take out a good chunk of infantry or you could sacrifice it and chance a glance on a few killa kanz. I don't think dreadnoughts can run (I haven't played against one in a while so I'm probably wrong) so eventually his boyz are going to go infront of his line otherwise hes giving you alot more time to fire at them. You only need to stun those two squads of killer kans to screw his tactic.
Alternatively hit his infantry with some large blasts, this is one of the few times where a whirlwind would do wonders although a vindicator would also be ok. Yes he will get a save but considering the sheer amount of hits its worth it. Once his infantry are wiped out you've won half the battle since he can only contest.
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The Kanz can run. Alternatively, they can shoot down land speeders with their rokkits.

I'm not sure about deep striking into an ork army. Point is, the ork wants to get to your guys. Dropping your guys right next to him seems to be doing him a favour. Anyway, you don't know when you will arrive and he could be in charge range by the time your reserves appear. Personally, I've never seen an assaulty deep strike work properly, and I've played a lot. Deep striking stuff with guns is an option, but more for knocking out tanks with meltas than trying to burn 30 orks.

I just think you have to take your time and throw a lot of firepower. Move. Stay away from this phalanx until a lot of it is dead already, then close in to finish it off.

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The Kan Wall is a properly nasty setup, but Tyranids are blessed with lots of units that counter it without any real tactical thought- specifically hive guard and biovores.

Marines have more difficulties against the kans (hammernators or MMs in the face generally), but deal with hordes of orks really easily if mounted up in rhinos.

Note that I didn't really have to suggest any tactics- just specific units. The Kan wall is a very blunt instrument that requires equaly blunt countermeasures.

what someguy said x2
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mech up and hit them in the flanks and leave your heavy weapons to pop the kans and act as bait for the phalanx while your flankers use shorter range weapons to reduce the number of orks you will eventually have to face.

hope this helps

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How about spreading the force out a bit with the split deployment tactic. It seems that this formation can only travel in one direction effectively. Therefore if split deployment is used then he either has to split the force to face each part thus reducing its effectiveness. Or go after one part which then leaves the flank of his formation open to lots of blasting.

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The killa kan wall with the KFF is a tough nut to crack. As other have said the counter to it speed and mobility. Going up in points is only going to allow him to add deffdreads or more kans to his armored wall. RAcing around the wall and firing at the ork units behind the wall is what you want to reduce the ork boyz but you also need shots at the kans to take them out.
The kan wall is like a sledgehammer but only if it hits so making sure to keep out of assualt range is important when you go to move your units in range to shot. The kans are also piloted by grots so they can shot better than regular orks so keep that in mind if you get into rokkit range.
A Necron Lord with Vail can zip a squad behind the wall to blast at the orks. Destroyers and heavy destroyers can move and blast the kans and orks.

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Thanks to everyone who dropped their advice! I'll pass this along to the others and hopefully we can take down the green menace...
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My space wolves list runs three units of long fangs with a mix of missiles and lascannons and each pack I give a razorback with lascannon/ tl plasma. That much firepower with the ability to hit so many targets will rip apart that wall very, very quickly even with the KFF.

With more points I take CML wolf guard, typhoon speeders, and my troops are fully equipped grey hunters with MotW, standard, etc and do fine against boyz mobz. Plus murderous hurricane against the mobs and they have a much rougher time getting to me.
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I fought against an Ork list that ran similar to this in the Ard Boyz Semi Finals.
You mentioned you tried nids, so I thought I would share since that is what I used.

The cans moved forward, my trygon crashed into them absolutely devestating the cans, the ork army charged the trygon, and then the rest of my army charged the orks.

Because the Trygon is Fleet, odds are he'll always get the charge on the Kans, and unless their have really lucky dice, only a few of the Krak missiles will hit the Trygon before he charges.
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