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Default Kan mob viability?

After looking at the new Deffdread and killa kan kits (which are full of WIN) I've been thinking about doing a kan mob Ork army. I was thinking of using two Big Meks (Either two SAG + Grotz or 1 SAG/1 KFF) to get 2 Deffdreads as troops and then fill up on killa kans.

I have 3 questions:

What would you suggest I arm these guys with?

How would I bulk the army out to 1500pts?

While I'm not looking to make this uber-competative, is this kind of army viable?

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It is really cool that the big mek lets you field one deffdread as a troop, but the problem starts when you look at page 90 in core rulebook. Troops which also is a vehicle aren't scoring. So only using kans and dreads wont win you the game. Sorry, but.. to answer your questions.

1. I got some favorites as it comes to arming deffdread and killa kans. For the deffdread I personally use 2 extra cc weapons for giving that extra punch in cc. It can be good for keeping them effective to give them armour plates and riggers, simply to keep them moving forward the enemy;)
Killa kans I use grootzookas on, because, they are awesome, the are cheap and really effective. Their high str makes them effective against most targets, marines, MC, guards, simply everything will die

2. If you make a list with dual mek, dual deffdread and 9 killa kans, we end up arround 800 pts leaving us with 700 pts for the rest. As I see it the army at this point is lacking 2 things. Scoring units and some longe range firepower. For the scoing units I would suggest for this list running some 'uge mobs of boys, I would say 2 groups of 30 would be great. If you keep them within the range of the KFF they will last alot longer, maybe running 2 meks with KFF wouldn't be bad for keeping all the walkers and boys in cover.
The longe range firepower is needed for either destroying enemy vehicles throwing nasty templates or simply stunning them so they can't fire And whats better for this job than running some lootas, they are simply pure awesome

3. I think a list like this would be able to be competative, maybe not with all 11 walkers, but some number close to that might be able to work.

I hope it gave you some ideas, else send me a message and maybe I can help you come up with some new ideas.

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1) Grotzookas all the way.

2) well the 2 meks 2 deffdreads and the 9 kans is about 800pts +/- a few depending on how you gear them out. that leaves you with roughly 700pts to mess around with, and thats what you should do with it if your just playing for fun. For a more competative list add lots of boyz.

3) it is viable, it is a little hard for most armies to deal with 11 walkers, even more so if you have a KFF giving them all a 4+ save

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Killa Kanz actually have access to BS3 Rokkits, which is a damn lot more predictable then anything else Orks can think of when shooting those Rokkits. That alone would have me field the Kanz w Rokkits every time if I played Orks!

I think that this is highly playable as all armour based things tend to get better and better the more of them you have. Just remember to bring a KFF and you should be home safe on the playable list

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Get a couple of units of Boyz in Battlewagons. Gives you some solid scoring units and also fits in with the Mek theme.
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It's called a "kan wall" list. Basically you take 2 KFF Meks, 9 kans, and up to 2 dreads, then put boyz mobs walking behind the kans so that the kans get 4+ cover from the KFF and the boyz get 4+ cover from the kans. It's fairly effective. Generally you either then support it with lootas and/or give the kans rokkits to break vehicles at range. Snikrot kommandos are also a good fit.
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Grotzookas are great, but i would definitly recommend varying your weapon choices on the kans. big shootas arent bad, giving you some range while you advance. this is definitly important if you dont go with lootas, although its so much fun to drop 45 shots on those darn termies.
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Taking the Kans in a vaccum the grotzooka is definately the most cost effective weapon. Taken in terms of the army as a whole however, rokkits become much more reasonable. I'd personally go for mostly rokkits with a few zookas.

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My plan was already in line with what Culler said so at least I know I'm on the right track lol.

I would probably have a different weapon in each kan mob, so 1 with Big Shootas, one with rokkits and so on, the improved BS would be great.

For the Dreads I was thinking about going with 4 DCCW is that a good idea?

Thanks for all your help so far

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If you are going for kans and dreads then I would do a full mech army: the enemy are already going to be at full stretch with their anti-tank so you may as well abuse the fact they'll have little else they can hit transports with.
Since you will be having lots of AV11-12 vehicles its best to just use trucks rather then strething for DC battlewagons, but this will force your boyz units to be small... so I would use them as shoota boyz as support for the walkers

My 1500pt list would look something like:

Big Mek- KFF, PK
Big Mek- KFF, PK
Deff Dread- DCCWs
Deff Dread- DCCWs
11 Boyz- Nob with PK, shootas, big shoota, red truck with boarding plank
11 Boyz- Nob with PK, shootas, big shoota, red truck with boarding plank
11 Boyz- Nob with PK, shootas, big shoota, red truck with boarding plank
11 Boyz- Nob with PK, shootas, big shoota, red truck with boarding plank
3 Killa Kans- rockit launchas
3 Killa Kans- rockit launchas
3 Killa Kans- rockit launchas

I think that is a little over 1500pts (might have to drop a boy) but gives you an impressive 15 vehicles, most/all of which will be under the KFF. Your walkers are the powerbase of your army but your troops can score, meaning a lot of people wouldnt know how to attack you. Your trucks can move 7" and still dakka the hell out of enemies, or just zoom up close and smack vehicles with a PK (if the kans leave any left alive).
I recon the thing you most have to look out for is someone targetting all your troops for destruction and then hoping they can just about keep a troops choice alive and on an objective.... but Im pretty sure that your walkers could easily just walk onto the objectives to force a draw if that happened... or just anhiliated them completely.

All in all... yes, I think that is a pretty viable approach.

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