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Default How good are burnas in a kommando unit?

I find as I field my kommandos that I really don't end up using their burnas that often. Killing a big block of infantry with fire doesn't tend to be their primary function, and my burnas usually flub when I use them as power weapons against good armor saves, but that may just be luck. Since the cost for 2 burnas is the same as 3 kommandos and costs you 2 attacks, I am curious as to which is better when you have to choose (if you have 255 points free, 15 kommandos, snikrot, AND the burnas seems best.)

Here's a breakdown for assault:
6 power weapon attacks:
vs. WS4+ T4 3+: 3 hits, 1.5 wounds, no saves = 1.5 wounds
vs. WS4+ T4 2+/5++: 3 hits, 1.5 wounds, 1/3 save = 1.0 wounds
vs. WS3- T3 4+: 4 hits, 2.67 wounds, no saves = 2.67 wounds
vs. WS3- T3 5+: 4 hits, 2.67 wounds, no saves = 2.67 wounds

The 14 regular attacks you'd get for the same points:
vs. WS4+ T4 3+: 7 hits, 3.5 wounds, 2/3 save = 1.17 wounds
vs. WS4+ T4 2+: 7 hits, 3.5 wounds, 5/6 save = .58 wounds
vs. WS3- T3 4+: 9.33 hits, 6.22 wounds, 1/2 save = 3.11 wounds
vs. WS3- T3 5+: 9.33 hits, 6.22 wounds, 1/3 save = 4.15 wounds

So if you're going after oblits then the burnas are a must but even against power armor the difference is small. There are some other factors to consider as well like going with the extra boyz is more wounds in your squad and more attacks against vehicles while the templates are better for putting a lot of hits on something.

I'm working on a kan wall list and am playing around with squeezing a reduced-size kommando unit. I think going with 1 burna should be a happy medium and I just won't worry overmuch about nailing obliterators unless they're alone.

Thoughts, things I haven't considered? Things I considered incorrectly or not enough?
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Stick with the burnas, that no roll to hit thing is a great. Also when it comes to my Kommando mob always factor in the army you are up against as a few well placed burna shots in the start of the game can ruin an opponents plans very very quickly. Don not underestimate the power of infiltrate.
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I think the burna out of everything is not worth the points as you have just pointed out even in situations with MEQ armies where the PW are supposedly useful, it just isn't. I think the main problem with it now is that if Burnas are to be effective in taking down heavily armoured infantry it has to be in quantity, which of course a Kommando squad does not, and since you also don't get the +attack bonus for having a HW and pistol you're also missing out in attacks and ultimately wounds. The points cost like you mentioned is also a factor, with one burna being 15 points, I think its not worth it, half the time if you don't take snikrot you'll have a Nob w/PK, which is more than enough for taking care of armour. I think for a burna to be truly effective outside of a Burna Boy squad would be if it had kept the 2D6 armour pen. Man I wish they had kept that!

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The thing about burnas with the unit of kommandos is that its usefulness is completely dependent on what you are versing or what the situation is and with snikrot the options just grow. I have never played a game where my kommando's WITH their burnas have not proved their usefulness. Whenever I vs IG they like to stick their heavy weapon crews bunched up around the table edge to lob shots at me, shame because that is when 2 burna templates gets rid of the entire squad with ease.

Yeah ok, I just killed a heavy weapon squad or 2 oblits, the sqaud still costs me 200+ points the way I play it, but its the amount of points that the units I just killed don't get to take off me. A few oblits in the corner? no problem, you got some power weapons to take them out, and if you don't kill them first turn? who cares! oblits not shooting at me is almost as good as them dead. A heavy weapons crew causing you grief? no problem! drop some templates and hit them with your sluggas then charge them, they are as good as dead. Same thing applies to things like snipers or even fellow infiltraters, just pop up behind them, one thing someone doesn't expect is to infiltrate a bunch of their own guys and the templates drop on them by some guys who appeared next to them when they are wrapped around the table edge.

You know much more about what they can do than me, but mathammer aside, and common sense in place, a kommando is just a boy, and to take out squads of enemy infantry it is dealt with my squads of 20-30 boyz not my 10-15 some-what pricey kommandos, they are meant for dealing with the nitty gritty things that would take my boyz 4 turns to finally get to and put a stop in their works. But this is a thread about the effectiveness of burnas not kommandos in general, so I'll end with, kommando's are a versatile unit, you add snikrot and they become even more versatile, you put 2 flamer templates/power weapons and they once again become more versatile, if you don't think they are worth it, don't play em, but I know when I write my list my hand automatically begins to form the word "burnas" when the word kommando is written down.
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Thanks for the points of view. I'm thinking that burnas are really a force multiplier of sorts. They open up options and improve the squad greatly. I'm going to play around with the single burna in a small kommando squad and see how I like it and post my results after a while (likely a couple months.)
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