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Damn I've barely figured out how to beat my friends Tyranids before, now I gotta deal with new stuff that usually will be much better.

Well in general, I'm thinking a lot more use of Noise Marines, Chosen outflanking in Rhinos with Meltas and/or Flamers, Rhinos with Havoc Launchers, and Lesser Daemons. Beyond that the usual DP (I actually dont use Lash as much, but still a good one) and some Obliterators. Obviously putting all that together effectively in a good balance and maybe leaving some of what I had said out is a good possibility. You may ask why these selections.

More Shots! More Shots!
Noise Marines, chaos obviously need the shots and without knowing the new rules, I figure there is going to be some psychic power that is massively powerful like the SW one that could involve Initiative tests. In turn making the Noise Marines maybe favored a little more than Plague Marines in tournaments. IF there seems to be more spaced out troop choices, the blastmaster maybe one upgrade to leave behind. Although I've had minimal experience with it, it has really never made that big of an impact, usually scattering too far to do damage. Depending on the toughness and armour save of warriors, it still might be a good answer to Nid warrior armies. Power Fists are a must, too many MCs to not have a lot.

Chosen, Outflanking the Infinite
According to my Nid friend, Gaunts will always have Without Numbers rule having a troop choice consistantly spawn in the back of the Nid players spawn point after dying, its easy picking for him/her to take objectives near his/hers deployment zone. Now with outflanking chosen in a rhino (havoc launcher maybe?), that could help out with that problem. I would probably choose to kit the chosen out with all flamers and power fist or 3 flamers, 2 meltaguns and power fist for some versatility.

The Barrage
In general having 4-6ish Rhinos all with Havoc Launchers will do damage even some serious if combined with Blastmaster shots on the first turn. That will help out a lot in thinning out the possible large numbers of Tyranids in the beginning turns.

Slowing the Mass Charge
Lesser Daemons could be extremely helpful in tying up key enemy units before they hit yours. Getting that extra turn to shoot with any and all of your units is very important. Especially against MCs because of the Invulnerable saves. A Nid player could get extremely annoyed possibly getting their MC tied up for maybe 2 turns, giving you the extra time you need to shot at the little buggers and get ready for the big ones.

Everything else speaks for itself, Obliterators, best heavy support choice available and DPs, maybe not exactly Lash DPs, but DPs in general.

"There is no peace among the stars, only an eternity of slaughter and the laughter of thirsting gods."

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I guess I'll have to up the cheese. More lash! More Blast weapons! More tanks! I'll outnumber the numberless in cheesy rules.

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I'm going to do what I always do, Charge straight down their Tyrannid throats and and drown them in Powerklaw hits. If the dice aren't with me, I'll resort to actual strategy.

I'm all for playing this game, but you don't have to be a dick about it.

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heavy bolters, flamers and a lucky as hell captain that refuses to die when faced with swarms of troops, and an ironclad dreadnought with lots of killy goodness

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I'm going to start daemons and use skull taker. Bye bye monsterous creatures.
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description whore
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Considering taking broadsides again for that extra monstrous creature screw you factor.
Turning my sky ray into another devilfish to go fully mobile and making each one in my list a war fish for extra gaunt killing power

I think we will be seeing a lot of tyranid warrior and MC lists so im going to be sticking with my plasma suits and maybe going for fireknives on my command. Accurate ap4 and 2 shots should real lay some hurt on any medium range creatures.

Really for me nothing has changed.... they're going to try come eat me... I'm going to run and try weaken them until i can suddenly turn round and wipe them out.

To be honest with nids concentrating fire will be the big thing for me

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig
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Crush them under the weight of my army, and the straight sixes I intend to roll.

Berzerkers. Wth powerfists. They can just charge with my bloodfeeder toting lord. Who's on a juggernaut. Everything else should work out fine, with the aforementioned sixes.

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Flamers, flameers, flamers, flamers.
Throw in a demolisher cannon as well.
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I myself shall be embracing the Nid release, planning a Deep Striking of Badassness force. Well.. most of the stuff shall be deep-striking, Infiltrating or Outflanking....

Ymargl Stealers
x2-3 Stealers with Broodlord
x2 Ravenors
Big unit of Gargoyles
Trygon Prime

Spare points loaded up onto Termagaunts, Carnies and Venomthropes as a core...

Though I agree with the current Nidzilla issue. I mean now with Warriors as core, and Carnies as squadrons its ouch....
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Painting more gribblies for Hive Fleet Morrigan
The other army I'm contemplating starting is a pure Khornate Daemon Force (what can I say, I prefer fluff/cohesive armies to power ones!) - not too comcerned about Nids with that army, since it doesnt matter who dies, Khorne will be pleased....
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