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Using Devastator Squad In Your Space Marine Army

I have a question to all space marine players. How do
you use your devastator squad in your army, Do you
mix your four heavy weapons in your squad or keep
them the same weapons for example four missile
launchers in your squad. I'm planning to build two
new squads of devastator squads for my space
marine army and need some advice. If you have
any questions about my thread, Please feel free
to post a message. Thank You

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Missiles and Heavy Bolters. Lascannons and Plasma are too expensive for dev squads. Better to capitalize on combat squad rules and put the lascannons in the tacticals (half the squad's mobile with a meltagun or plasma gun, while the other sits back and lasers anything inside 4-foot range. If something gets too close, the heavy bolters can hose any infantry, and I usually field a land raider just to soak enemy attention in general.
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It really depends on what you want to do with them, but the general consensus is to keep they weapon types mostly the same - so 4 HBs, or 4 MLs and so on. This is because when you shoot at a target, you want to have full effectiveness from your guns. Having say LCs and HBs in the same squad say, would mean that if you fire at tanks, your HBs are useless, and if you fire at hoards of orks, your LCs aren't doing much.

You can mix and match a bit, HB and MLs aren't too bad, but it does mean that sometimes you won't get the full effect of them.

I personally love all missile launchers though - yeah, they don't have the punch of a LC, but the versatility of being both anti-tank and anti-infantry is too much to pass up.

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I'm a fan of the 4x Plasma Cannon, or 3x Plasma Cannon, and 1x Lascannon. Gives me anti tank, and 3 Str7 AP2 Blast Templates. Stay away from the Anti-tank in your Troops - they have Bolters, AKA, bad at shooting tanks. Marines need all their numbers to count, so having even just 4 Marines miss a turn shooting because you Lascannon a tank is bad.

Anti-tank therefore always goes in Heavy Support for me, and AntiInfantry in the Troops.

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I like the 4 missile launcher unit, you get all that damage for 150 points. This will shred most armor before it even gets to move and if your worried about armor 14 stuff a dev squad won't help you out there anyways.
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only one weapon, MM's are a terrible choice, LC's are bad unless you are in dire need (read: LR, Titan, Baneblade, otherwise you are overpaying for that many in one squad). PC's are pushing it points-wise, but are by far the best way to dominate a firing lane/split an enemy army (hardly anything wants to cross 4 S7 AP3 blasts). Heavy Bolters and ML's are by far the best gun to give your Devs tho.

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so it's an argue ment of having overpriced stuff in dev squad (LCs) or have them cheap in a combat squad and possibly sacrifice 4 bolt rounds. What should go in dev squad is anti infinfry, and have LC, ML and plas spread through tac.squads so u havent got a lumpy target, but in my choas army i have 3 land raiders, so that i don't need fragile havocs.
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i tend to play alot of horde/swarm armys and i found the heavy bolter and plasma cannon to be great ive taken out a broodlord and his 11 genestealer retinue in a single turn and the pc can double as anti tank and trust me when i say this never put a power weapon in your squad your asking to get in a fight and thats the last thing you need is devastators in combat

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I embrace the 4x Plasma Cannon option. BOOM!
I also only buy a 6 man squad and stick them in a razorback in case of dawn of war set up games. nothing more annoying than having to walk to a building turn 1.

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2 Plasma Cannons and 2 Lascannons is my choice of equipment. I play against chaos a lot, so the Plasma Cannons help there while the Lascannons can do something at least, and for the tanks all the weapons work well. Unless it's a Land Raider. That's why I have the Lascannons. In my opinion it's the best if you face MEqs often, including the Inquisition.

Against Orks the Plasma Cannons do wonders, and the Lascannons will take out tanks like a hot knife through butter. Same with Tyranids, except the lascannons are used against Carnifexes and such, but the Plasma Cannons work well here as well.

Against Tau and Eldar (including Dark Eldar), it takes out everything. They have light armour and light tanks, and Wraithlords and Battlesuits aren't too bad a worry. Battlesuits are just shifty MEqs, and Wraithlords out up a good fight but in the end are just a rather large MEq with a higher toughness and an extra attack.

Of course with Imperial Guard it doesn't matter what you use - they die either way!

I only have 5 men in the squad. I hope to distract the enemy with much juicier targets, who are slowly advancing and if left unchecked will rip their army to shreds, (i.e. Assault Terminators in Land Raiders) however in games of more than 1250 pts 10 men are needed dearly, so I'm going to get the Combat Squad boc soon.

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