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Default Should I start Tau?

Hey, im at the stage where im looking for a new 40k army to start on, was thinking about Tau and was wondering if they are competitive/fun? tactics would be nice and my most regular opponent is a nids player I'm not a total noob but havn't had much to do with tau
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If your primary opponent is nids then tau might not be the most effective army for you. Because nids can move fairly fast towards you and usually you won't have enough time to kill them all before they plow into your lines. Besides the nids though the tau are a vary competitive force if played right. If you do decide to go with tau I would suggest having lots of suits, this is because the tau aren't good in cc, but the suits can usually stand against the gaunts at least. Also the kroot would be worth the time since they can fight on even terms with the gaunts and might even take down a few of the bigger creatures if they are in large enough units. As for the tactics they are fairly easy, since for the fire warriors it is stand and shoot and the suits it is jump out of cover shoot and then jump back into cover.

Overall I would not suggest tau if the nid player is your only opponent unless you want a challenge to win, but if you play against other armies then tau can get pretty fun.

Of course this is only my experience with my tau vs, nid games

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my nids eat tau like they came in a lay's bag.

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Tau are the worst army at CC in the game, bar none. Nids are arguably the best in the game, or at the very least the fastest. Fast armies aren't as affected by Tau's main strength, ranged firepower. Nids main strength, CC, is not negated by Tau at all. Yes kroot can be used against CC armies, not because they are all that great, but because they are the only option. Yes you can load up on template weapons, but not enough. If you are going to be fighting Nids a lot, don't bother with Tau. It will just be frustrating, and if you do happen to win, your list will be SO non-competitive against anything but Nids that it just won't be fun.
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when I played Tau I found it to be the ONLY army I ever had success against nids with, and usually it was just by taking lots and lots of bodies, as many FW's as possible, 60 fire warriors is effective, and not too heavy on pts really for what they can do (plus I played Ke'l shan, so Kroot didn't really fit the fluff).

and the great thing is lots of fire warriors will be effective against any army, stick with the basics, fire warriors, Plasma missile suits, and hammerheads, and you should do alright against nids and anything else really

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Remember, only army lists get posted in the army list section.

Katie D
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Tau is a very very competitive army this edition. Tau took first this year at gamesday. Nids are not a problem with Tau, just make sure you stick with mechanized (lots of pie plates and fast moving suits) as well as sticking Fletchett Dischargers on everything. With Tau, you should be able to remove 15-40 models a turn shooting (depending on how lucky you are with plates). As well, if your opponent plays with minimal synapses, just concentrate fire on those and he'll be left lurking by turn 4. The only time Nids can be on the difficult side is in DoW (1/3rd of the time). However, there are many strategies online for beating Nidz in all scenarios. Check out, - Probably one of the best WH40k army sites out there.

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Thanks for all that guys, yeah i figured that tau ent so good at cc so I would have lots of kroot but ill consider what you said (im pretty sure im gana play Tau though) thanks again. Ill post a list when i get my hands on the codex.

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if you are starting tau I would also listen to the next couple of eps on 40k radio. There is a link at the bottom right of the index page for the episode. It helped.

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I've been using Tau on and off since 3rd edition. I think they are one of the most fun, challenging and rewarding armies to use. They are certainly competitive and they can certainly beat nids. Gaunts have all kinds of problems trying to assault kroot in cover.

There is a very steep learning curve with Tau though. You can't throw your guys at the enemy and expect them to win. It's easy to find that your opponent has more firepower than you do. Ignore anybody telling you to go for a gun line of fire warriors, because the real power Tau have is their mobility and range, which lets them hit anything they want and get out of trouble. That's the theory, anyway.

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