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Default Versus Eldar Wraithlords

They're big, well-armed and very hard to kill. They're too tough for most Instant Death attacks, and even Force Weapons when used by most characters don't stand a chance (minimum S5 to wound). It has the advantages of a walker (immunity to small arms fire, packing big guns, able to tear it up in assaults but without the worry that one good hit cripple or kill it. Even the old standby of "Hit it with antitank" requires a large investment of firepower to do any good.

So how do you take down the Wraithlord?

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Poisoned weapons have been my best thing so far, fast rending units are another, other then that i got nothing lol power fists and thunder hammers if you want to get close enough but with assualt termies with thunder hammers having marine armor as a invul thats easier , snipers if you got them, telion is definately going to be nice to take out the warlock providing wraithsight to try to slow the big guy down, and snipers with rending now is also a definate plus, so with marines, go with scouts with telion upgraded im sure they will be able to be a thorn in a wraithlords sight, multiple wraithlords i would send a dev squad at the other one(s), csms is a toughy, termies with MoT with a few pf or a DP, oblits and havocs would fill the role as well, but a DP with warptime would most likely take it out before it gets a chance to strike back, IG send the big gunz at em orks....cant really think of something off hand, maybe just make the wraithlords take alot of saves with deff guns ooh, rokkit armed deffkoptas might be a good solution...but there ends the armies i play with...and what i can think of lol
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All I can say is Melta might work, Railguns, Krak missles, or IG pieplates. Mostly anything S8 AP3 or better is what I would direct at it, so Railgun solid shots from me.

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I agree with the poisoned weapons, but would include anything that wounds on a set number, as opposed to using strength. any rending attack would work pretty well also, as if you rend, you cause an auto wound with no save.

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You could swarm it and just tie it up as well.
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Well 10 sternguard using hellfire rounds killed a avatar of the bloody handed god turn 1 today (drop pod rapid fire ftw) i assume this would work on a wraith lord also.

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C'tan! lol really

I've killed Wraithlords with fire dragons, rapid firing plague marines with plasma guns, necrons gauss weaponry, harlequins, and...typhus. These all worked for me =]

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Bikes bikes and more bikes 3 attack bikes with MM can hit it at a reasonable range early and get the sod out of there quick or for a lesser investment (cash and points wise) a squad of 3 bikes with meltaguns (or plasma guns) and a Powerfist can often move into range fire with meltas scorching off a wound or 2 and then survive long enough in assault for the fist to finish it off. And Kor'Sarro Khan can charge it with his moonblade and furious charge rule instant killing it on a wound roll of 6 and if that fails he can try the hit and run maneuver to get out of combat and try again next turn
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can anyone tell me how many attacks they have on a charge?
is ussing a cheep squad worth doing or will he chew through conscripts fast?
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Skulltaker: rends on 4+ and all rending hits are Instant Death.
Daemonettes also rend and have many attacks with a high I stat - they get all their hits in first.
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