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Default Lord or Demon Prince?

Just a prefferance question really. Which would work better as either in killing/capturing/surviving strategicly? I love the thought of fielding a monstrous creature HQ but I love the new Chaos Lord model. What do you guys think?
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I perfer lords over dp any day, the dp just has too little to offer.

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depends on the situation but I think DP are alot better, just what else they get for so little amount of points

W:9 D:0 L:0

Chaos Marines
W:21 D:2 L:3

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DP. What are you, high? Even if you give the lord an ablative squad his survivability sucks, and he costs only twenty points less than a DP. The DP cannot be instantly killed by dreadnoughts or powerfists or lascannons. The DP automatically gets the 'monstrous creature' and 'eternal warrior' bonuses, his WS is higher than that of the accursed marines, and all over, a stronger, much more lethal hq choice. But if you -really- must have the chaos lord model, make him into a terminator champ.

New Chaos Codex Rule #5-
Don't ever take a lord when you have models to represent a sorceror or Daemon prince

New Chaos Codex Rule #6-
Don't ever take a sorceror when you have a model to represent a Daemon prince
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Prince of Darkness over the Lord every time.
Big, bad monsterous creatures are the way.
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Ok sounds good, but what if you had enough points (1,500) to field both? I guess it would be better to use the points elsewhere.
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I go with the Demon Prince. Give him the Wings, Mark of Tzeench to make his inv save 4+, Doombolt and Warptime, and then attach him to a squad of raptors with an Aspiring Champion equipped with LC's and two Raptors with Meltaguns. There is nothing you can't kill with this unit.
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Hey, I like Chaos Lords. You can keep your DP - can you field a Prince with up to 17 attacks? Not that I've ever done so myself, but it's the principle of the thing. Can a DP, under any circumstances, insta-kill Marine HQ? Or an Eldar Avatar? How about a Necron Lord? Can you put one in a rhino with nine CSMs and rush the enemy without ever being in danger of being shot to pieces before he gets there? No, a Prince cannot do these things. It is a very powerful unit with a high target profile and almost no versatility. I'll keep my Lord, thank you very much.

[EDIT: Ninja'd. But I thought I should point out that, as the Prince is a Monstrous Creature rather than an Independent Character, you can't attach him to any squad, ever.]

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The difference lays in surivability. A lord w/o a daemon weapon will never, ever be able to compare to a DP. But the daemon weapon balances lower S attacks and survivability by having more attacks. A khorne lord w/ bloodfeeder (dangerous but fun, I run him in semi-competitive) will take 4 + 2d6 power weapon attacks w/o the charge. A tzeentch lord can shoot them up and then charge. A nurgle lord will kill MC's faster than a prince, and a slaanesh lord will wipe multi-wound squads like oblits, HQ's, spawn, ogryn with super ease. Prince has better survivability, and psychic if non-khorne. For an example, just last game my khorne terminator lord with a bloodfeeder and in a squad with 4 surviving zerkers (after a battlecannon shot) was charged by a prince, a full zerker squad, and oblits. My zerks were wiped but my lord took 14 attacks, killing 9 zerkers and winning combat for me 9 - 4. I forced 5 saves onto his last zerker, oblits, and prince. So in 1 round of combat my lord killed 10 berzerkers, wounded a prince, and wounded an obliterator. Already payed for himself and more.

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Darth Druchii
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I'm taking a winged Khorne DP everytime atm, partially as I don't have a Lord figure, but mainly as hes so damned hard, he died for the first time from four battles against my mates Orks the other week, every other time hes weathered anything they could throw at him including the warboss and dropped everything his faced up until he ran into a mass squard of boyz the other night.

His best two showings so far for me, has been when a Chaplain and 5 assault Marines (4th rules) DS next to him, shot at him for no gain. He charged, killed all the Marines in round one, and dropped the Chaplian in round two. The other time was charged against by eight Tyranids Warriors, who managed 9 rending wounds (once again 4th rules) and he saved them all with his Inv, then went on to wipe out the squad.

In larger games the beardy side of me says take a second DP, but tbh I'd probably introduce a lord or more likely a Sorceror of Tzeeentch.

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