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If you want to take out the Nightbringer with a Chaos Marine army, just load up on Havocs with lascannons and blow him to pieces as he gets close. Be sure to pack a power fist as well to ensure that you can hurt him in combat, too.
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i dont know much about CSM, but abbadon sounds good. and the s4 bolter cannot hurt the t8 nightbringer.
if you do tau (i know you said you wanted chaos, but still), you can get a Twin-Linked Railgun for 70pts (Broadsides), and you can use hammerheads as they might be a little more resilient and they both wound on a 2+ against the nightbringer (haha, take that t8!). But tau have got a lot of high- strength guns, mainly railguns, so personally i would use tau every time. oh, and they're ap1 is well in case your opponent gets some notion about armour svs (do C'tan get armour saves - i don't know?)
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Originally Posted by beenburned View Post
That bolter wouldn't be able to wound him I don't think, not if he's t8?
Oh right, damn. For some reason I thought he was T6. Now my entire anti-Nightbringer plan is ruined. D:<

I'm pretty sure Abaddon isn't up to taking down the Nightbringer. He'll put a dent in him, but Abaddon is only T5 and he won't be getting his invulnerable save... And he's a CC unit.

Tactics 101 - when your opponent has spent 300-odd points on a living god incarnate that ignores all saves in CC, don't attack it in CC. I'll have to second shooting-it-with-lascannons-till-it-splodes.
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Havocs with lascannons until he dies
to have a little fun add some rhinos to have him chase you as you still fire at him with lascannons

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People forget that the NB has a Lascannon type attack that is Assault. You can't really stay out of its field of influence...
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i know you said only CSM, but whatever, get GK termies with ine having a psycannon. Nightbringer is FUCKED!!!
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My fellow Stargod Nightbringer can now run. He ignores terrain and will be on top of you quicker.
Abaddon is obviously the one to do cc with the Nightbringer. Even Kharn or Ahriman with gift of chaos.
Havocs,Predator and Land Raider with lascannons and obliterators. Terminators with power fists and other good size sqds with a pwr fist in them.
They have plenty to take down the Nightbringer. While you spend an entire turn shooting everything at the Nightbringer,how do you cope with the rest of the necron army?

Anyone can rummage thru any codex and name off all the things to eliminate the subject in verses....? It's all a matter of tactics. We need to expand more in this type of thread.
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Termies are a BAD plan. Nightbringer ignores invul saves too.

Thousand Sons: 5W - 2L - 0T
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Salamanders: 3W - 1L - 1T
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a force weapon would be your best bet, but I don't think chaos has them, in that case get some some rock hard units probably terminators with the mark of khorne and tzeench to up their inv give 'em all powerfists or thunderhammers if you can but like before I don't think chaos has them
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In doubt CSM has snipers, but they are very good. Hit on 2+, so unlikely to miss, and the crucial wound on a 4+

However, there is one weapon that would kill it instantly...


Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
Buy a beartrap. How will it help in retrospect? Use your imagination. I'm sure you can think of something.
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