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Default Double triple threat

I've been playing at my local store for a while now and have seen "that guy" a lot. So this guy runs two Tau lists and I am wondering what you all think would be the best way to deal with him lol. He runs 3 rip tides hiding behind 3 hammer head with two fire warrior squads and min hq. He also loves running the Farsight deathstar with max plasma and drones.

Now i'm not a person to call or complain about cheesey or unbalanced lists.... I actually like playing against these so called beardy list. Though i'm also a firm believer a balanced gaming group so he can not be left to cause havoc and devastation without being opposed lol.

So again my fellow heretics how would you suggest I handle this. I have half a mind to do a cron air list or even an all barge list just cant figure out what to do.
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I want to face that list just to see if my BA can take it down.

What points level are you talking/what army(ies) do you play?

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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I really enjoy playing against them or list like them as well lol. we mostly play 1500 points. I play marines, guard, chaos marines, necrons, and orks.
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Well if you have Necrons or CSM you can just rush the damn bastard. Don't care what firepower level he has if you manuever correctly your CSM will eat him for lunch; and the Necrons won't be far behind.

For Space Marines focus on either matching his firepower or use "Rhino Herd" tactics; in short rushing him with Rhino's packed with melee/suicide squads. Predators are good, and somewhat cheap way to fight back too. You could, if your willing to invest the point, try and take LandSpeeders and try to rush them with some heavy anti-tank upgrades. Worth the risk, but your problem boils down to the Rip Tides which are good against most SM vehicles.

Finally for Guard, my personal fav and currently played armor, it is all about denying Tau their lanes of fire while hitting them swiftly and hard (in essence using their own Tactics against them). The trick is to balance melee and fast attack troops. I personally favor using Vanquisher Leman Russ tanks to snipe Tau vehicles; who can later be used for harrassment and cover. At the same time I will have a good number of infantry squads to keep the player constantly reaquiring targets; thus having no central point to focus his fire on. A more recent tactics I've tried (if at all legal) is to use Elysium Drop Troopers and have they get into fighting distance once deployed while Valkyries bring heavy rain from above upon enemy vehicles.

To stay on topic I have had much discussion on this issue in different threads about OP Tau lists and how to defeat them. Playing a good freind who favors Tau and Dark Eldar I can give you 2 bits of advice as far as your tactics go.

1: Never bunch up, always keep your units spaced. It might seem risky, but against a Tau gun line you won't last long. Use cover as much as possible and close the distance as quickly as you can.

2: Never go head-to-head with HammerHead tanks. They are uncannily accurate and will punch a hole even in Titans (for Apocalypse players). Snipe them from afar, or hit them with flyer's. Use cover and LOS to your advantage to keep Hammerheads off of you. Key phrase to remember is "Get the first shot, Hammerhead should never get even one."

Anyway best of luck man, hoep you bring some victories for the IG's honor.

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"
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Stick to cover - he has no Markerlights, so he's going to miss or bounce off of cover more often than not. Alternatively, Flyers - he has no AA, so you can use Stormtalons to zoom over and fire Assault Cannons into his rear armour. If possible, kill the Fire Warriors then just get out of LoS and Go to Ground on objectives.

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