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Until money frees itself up for me, I build my army around what I can find cheaply. Almost all my minis are second hand off ebay or my local seller, but I only get them if I feel they will add something to my army. I won't be doing any planning before hand, because I just can't afford that 5 man unit of wraithguard until I see it for 25 quid.
What it means for my army is it's a bit hodge podge, but I enjoy coming up with fluff to fit around that, and over all from a 2000 point army I must have saved around 100 pounds from rrp, so yeah, it's all a bit of a compromise with me. No planning whatsoever though
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Unfortunately, I start with the model I really like and then make a list around it.
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basically I play a bunch of games using widely varying lists and take the best parts of those lists make them into 1 solid list and then play with that and do minor tweaks until I iron it out. I make sure to pick my opponents wisely so the army isn't tailor made to beat a single army, but has experience against all of them.
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Pretty much all-comers.

Two main reasons, First, I never know who or what I'll be playing against until I actually get to the store and see who' there and not already involved in a game. We've got a fairly large group so there is a good bit of diversity.
Second, I'm usually working towards the US GTs, testing lists and practicing.

As for theme and such, that's a whole different story, like my current project, Lizardmen IG...............
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when i build up from a low pts lvl i go with getting alot of shots going, then i take some thing big to scare them and draw fire. then just balanced.


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Starting to collect an army I go with whatever box set is availbale for them as this is well balanced and is a good starting point.
I really dislike making an army list and using only that list all the time though... I mean I have 116 models why should I only use at most 50 of them? Every week I play I come up with a different army list every time. Not just to use all my models but to figure out how to use each unit to it's full ability. also It keeeps your opponents guessing so it's fun.....

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Originally Posted by spudboy View Post
Just wondering how people design a new army...
Taking a overall view here I'd have to say both, combined with good sportsmanship. So many idiots tarnish our hobby.

1.) A good list should never lose badly to one type of army.
2.) A list should play to an army's strength, but only slightly if too much of those strengths would detract from an army's versatility.
3.) A list should be mobile (especially for mission capability).
4.) An army should always have a trump card ready to drop to ensure victory.

A well-balanced force is a good start, but if you plan on winning more games that you lose, you should take care to tip the balance when the time is right.
I know that most folks just want to play fun games in the end; after all, what's the point of wasting all that money if you're not going to have fun, right? But losing gets old after a while. We all have our pride, however large or small it may be. A game is played to be won; bit it is how we treat our opponent that really matters in the end, not what list we're playing.

When purchasing an army, the guidelines above are a good starting point.
Unless you've just got oodles of cash stowed away for the spending, it's better to be able to drop your benjamins into an army that will allow you a competitive edge no matter who you face across the table.
And how will you ever improve if you don't try?

If you only like modeling, buy Reaper.
If you're truly into the entire 40k hobby, at least try to win games. You don't have to be a poor sport to win; just put forth effort, design the best army list you can and take your lumps like a real gamer.
The real fun in 40k is knowing that you're not holding back and neither is your oponent, then getting smashed together after the game, lol.

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I build an army to counter my friends' armies. I made my IG army to counter my friend's deep-striking necron army, but now that he's started tau, I find that my army dies very easily (too many lascannons, not enough assault weapons...). So, to counter tau, I'm starting an ork army when I'm finished with my mechanized mordian army. On that note, I also go with the "awesomeness" factor when deciding on an army. Cadians are ok, but mordians are (in my opinion) infinitely better.
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I evaluate all the units within the codex, think of the situations that are likely to arise, and plan an army list around a basic principle (mid range, long range, CC etc.)


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I like to keep the "take-all-comers" in mind while I'm building up and getting used to a new army. After playing a few matches with my growing army I tend to switch to trying to devise tactics that are less-than-conventional. So I guess you could say that I don't gear it as a take-all-comers or army-specific but rather what will play out in the most interesting fashion. Playing in a 1500 point game and taking the nightbringer almost always warrants the response, "You're taking him in a small points game?!" Or using a CSM army with no heavy support. Most people that build take-all-comers armies tend to have some anti-tank/heavy support weaponry but when there's nothing for them to shoot at it usually renders said units less effective. I like to play to experiment most of the time and build my army as such. In tourneys, I go back to basics and take a list that should do well against all armies (after all, I pay an entry fee and would like to win the prize, lol).

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